Marketing blogs to add to your reading list

There is a lot of content out there and sometimes great resources get lost in the mix. Blogs provide great insights and tips that can inspire and improve your marketing efforts. Here is my ultimate list of marketing blogs I read as often as possible. Please feel free to comment below if I missed any good ones worth reading. Enjoy!

1. Harvard Business Review –

It can be argued if it fits the standard description of a blog page, nevertheless it’s a great resource for tips and inspiration in general. You can browse topics such as marketing, strategy, communication, entrepreneurship and many others. It will keep you informed about latest trends and research as well as opinions from some very successful people.

2. Copyblogger

Highly recommended for all readers seeking advice on content strategy and writing in general. It offers great hands-on advice on the impact content has on the overall business strategy and success. In addition to all written resources, Copyblogger also runs regular webinars and seminars, which will take your learning experience even further.

3. Marketo

Run by the people behind one of the most advanced marketing automation tools, it provides new ideas and best practices related to everything B2B. Great resource if you are looking to learn more about search engine marketing, leads nurturing and marketing ROI. As Marketo gets all stats from their own users, all information is real and backed up by data.

4. Modern Marketing Blog –

This blog is linked to Eloqua, Oracle’s very own marketing automation platform. The blog provides excellent tips on marketing automation, data management and content marketing. Similar to Marketo, Eloqua also gets all the data from their users so it’s linked to real data.

5. Buffer –

Buffer provides an automated social management system to its users and this blogs offers everything you need and want to know about sharing, creating, analysing and converting with social media. It will also teach you how to make the most out of social media automation.

6. Hubspot Blog –

Hubspot provides tips on everything inbound content related, covering marketing, sales and working with agencies. It’s your resource if you are looking for information on SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation and analytics.

7. Econsultancy Blog

This blog provides stats and advice on everything you need to know as a blogger. Topics covered include content strategy, social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and many others.

8. Digital Marketing Blog

Run by Adobe, this blog provides tips and inspiration around online advertising, web analytics, email and search marketing, social media and web experience. It also provides news on everything digital related.

9. Visualistan –

Visualistan covers a wide range of infographics on social media, general marketing, business and technology. The beauty of it that it’s all visual and user generated and provides great insights and stats.

10.TED Blog

In addition to the videos, TED blog provides great insight on a wide range of topics and will definitely keep you inspired on all levels.

11. Contently –

Great resource for content marketing knowledge on topics such as brand, media, social and ROI. The team behind the blog runs a sophisticated content marketing software company and clearly know what they are talking about. Very helpful.

12. Content Marketing Institute –

In addition to all the content blogs, you can also find online and offline events here. The site provides much more than just blog posts. You will also find great resources such as research papers, podcasts and they also run their own events and training. Great one to take your learning experience on  to the next level.

13. MarketingProfs –

Great one for a blend of marketing topics. In addition to blogs, they also run online and offline events and also offer professional training. If you have some spare cash you might want to consider to subscribe to their paid content that includes a long list of advantages.

14. Copyhackers –

Another one for great tips on copy also offering a portfolio of copywriters in case you need a hand. Very simple and clean and reader friendly.

15. Moz

Run by marketing experts behind a clever marketing software and  full of great tips on everything search, copy and social media related.

16. Nomvo –

Nomvo came in existence due to the fact that the current number of people who know nothing about digital marketing is almost that same as the number of people who need and rely on it daily; if not more.

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