Infographic: SEO Tips for Social Media Managers

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The connection between social media and SEO has been debated for years. Marketers continue to argue over whether or not social media activity influences search rankings and while there’s evidence to support both sides, the truth is that there’s no concrete answer. What we do know is that social media can be used as a part of your SEO strategy.

It’s important for social media managers to understand that SEO and social media marketing don’t have to be handled separately any more. In fact, there’s a very strong chance that you’ve been doing some SEO work without even realizing it. What we’re seeing is overlap in these two worlds. A lot of the strategies and techniques you use for your social media marketing campaigns can have an effect on your SEO. The key is knowing how to tackle your social media campaigns with the SEO mindset.

Cut From the Same Cloth

One of the reasons social media marketing and SEO work so well together is because they both rely on a lot of the same marketing principles. When you start to see these similarities, it’s easier to understand how social media can impact SEO both directly and indirectly.

A focus on content
Everyone knows that content is king when it comes to SEO, but the same is true for social media marketing. If people don’t like the content on your website, they’re not going to link to it. And if people don’t like what you’re Tweeting, Pinning or posting to Instagram, they’re not going to share it.

Inbound techniques
Social media and SEO are both inbound techniques. They rely on you pulling your audience in and earning their trust instead of shoving your products and services in their face.

Sharing is key
Links from other sites (inbound links) have been the strongest ranking factor for years. The equivalent to inbound links for social media is having people share your social media posts with their followers.

SEO and social media are both about gaining authority. Most of the top sites that rank highly in competitive industries are the ones that are seen as authorities. The top brands on social media are authorities and the top people in their niche.

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Infographics: SEO Tips for Social Media Managers

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