How to beat demotivation

Not every day is a good day. Our motivation and drive depends on external circumstances and our own mindsets – the challenge is to bounce back from negativity, regain control and enjoy what we do. The issue with demotivation is that the longer it goes on the more difficult it becomes to find your way out of it. Or even worse – it goes on for so long, you just get used to it. I’ve been in those shoes before and learnt a few tricks that made it easier to get my motivated-self back.  Definitely not scientific advice, but they helped me, so perhaps they could help you to bounce back too:

  1. Reflection

Spend some time with yourself and re-think what it is that makes you happy and what do you value in life. Review your current activities and see how they link back to your future plans. This has been said many times, but you only live once so you want to make the most out of it. If what you are doing is not working for you and there is realistically nothing in your control that could improve your situation, consider other options. Change is scary, but definitely not all that bad. It requires a lot of courage to admit if something doesn’t work, and it might be more difficult in the short term, but by going after what you really want you will find a new meaning and learn something new that can lead you to things and places you never considered.

  1. People

People in your life have a great impact – they can be a great source of motivation and energy, and similarly, they can have a very negative impact on you. Miserable people will only make you feel more miserable, so try to spend as much time as you can with positive minded people who are inspirational and make you feel good. Don’t underestimate the importance of relationships and regular communication – it makes a big difference. If you feel that they can’t directly motivate you, they can be a great source of tips on what helped them in similar situations so ask around!

  1. Change

Change is refreshing. You don’t need to do anything radical, but changing your ways even in little doses will make you feel different. This could be your regular activity, your hair, or even your playlist. Anything that will bring a new perspective to your life will make you feel a little more alive! Obviously, try to look for change for the better! Maybe this is the time to look at new types of projects, learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. Learning itself is inspiring and will make your mind engaged and focused and if it’s not going to help you beat demotivation, you will at least come out of it a little smarter! And it is likely to impact your mindset for the longer term.

  1. Little things

You won’t be able to bounce back all at once, so just take one step at the time. Focus on little things that will bring you closer to a positive mindset. Start talking about the things that make you demotivated – it will not solve the problem but will allow you to formulate the issue and get different perspectives from others who have an outsider view. Create a new playlist. In fact, create as many as you can. You will be surprised how much difference music can make to how you feel and how you look at things. Pick your favourites and have them available wherever you are.

Getting your motivation back will take time. But the closer you get to a positive mindset step by step, the easier it will become – to the point where you’ll be back on track even without realising when exactly did it happen.

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