10 content marketing tips for small business owners

No matter how small or big your business is, content marketing is a great way to get exposure and make your business to be seen. It can be done without much extra cost, minus your time of course. You don’t have to be a pro at writing. You only need a creative mind and a few good tools and you will be able to drive traffic to your website and build your brand over time.

Share your personal experiences or tips for others. Make it light hearted and easy to read. And don’t share everything you know. The idea is that you get people’s interest, not tell them all you know!

Here are a few essential tips that can help you get started:

1. Know your audience

Before you do anything else, define who do you want your content to read and what it is that will make them want to return to your site? Keep your topics and writing style aligned with your audiences and the chances are you will get some regular readers before you know it.

2. Choose evergreen topics

You would want your content to remain relevant for as long as possible. If you are writing about topics that are linked to the present time, the likelihood is that they wont’t be interesting to anyone later on. Try to think about topics that are timeless, such as tips, guidelines, how to articles..and you will never be short of relevant content.

3. Recycle your existing content

It is a common misconception that content should only be used whilst it’s new and fresh and very often a few weeks later it’s completely forgotten. Re-use what you have even if it’s not new! Some of the blogs on here have gone viral months after they have been published and that’s only because they were shared by me at the first place. You will always be reaching different people and even if you share it with the person who already seen it before, the likelihood is that they have either forgotten or if it’s interesting enough they won’t mind to be reminded.

4. Be clever with titles

Titles determine whether you get your reader’s interest or not. No matter how good your content is – if you can’t catch their interest early on, chances are limited that readers will bother reading on. Think about how people think – use creative titles and keep them short. Focus on SEO and how likely is anyone to find the article based on its title.

5. Write¬†answers to your reader’s questions

You obviously want to write about what interests your audience. If you are struggling with finding topics that would make your readers want to continue reading, do a bit of research. A great tool to find out what the internet is talking about and what users are searching for is answerthepublic.com 

6. Make it easy to read

Break your content down into paragraphs and use visuals where you can. Readers much prefer this to one long, text heavy paragraph. Use headings, subheadings and if you are providing tips, consider numbering them or using bullet points – they are much easier on the eye and will make it much easier for your readers to decide whether to read on or not.

7. Keep it regular

To keep you reader’s interest you should create original content regularly. This will help you improve your website traffic and brand exposure. But if you are really short of time it’s better not to write at all, as you might end up with content that is of poor quality and the impact could be more negative than not producing any.

8. Focus on SEO

Any copy that you write should follow your SEO guidelines, ensuring you are using all relevant words and tags to make your content easy to find. If you are not sure about how to, have a read here.

9. Make it easy to share

Use social media sharing buttons so your readers can easily share what they are reading. Always use visuals as this will make social sharing even more effective. But don’t just rely on your readers to share your content – use it to promote yourself regularly via social media. If you are not sure how, read our social media tips for small business owners.

10. Proofread before you publish

It’s obvious, but so often completely ignored. Don’t just rely on spell check, have a good read to make sure all you wrote makes sense and sounds interesting.

And then go ahead and publish.

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  1. Great article, Thanks for the read. In reference to #10 I think you missed something on #8. Shouldn’t it read “ensuring you are using all relevant words and tags to make your content easy to FIND”, not FOUND?

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