Seven tips on making your social media content visible

When you post on social media you do so because you want your posts to be seen, liked and shared by as many as possible. And if your social media activities get noticed, you are likely to see increased frequency of interactions from your audience. To see real impact of social media marketing on your business, you will need a long term content strategy, focused on your target audience – using the relevant tools and sharing valuable, interesting content.  The content that you share is what determines your success, however sometimes even great posts get lost quickly due to the high volume of social media activities.

There are a few tactics that you can use to improve the visibility of your posts and ensure that they reach the right people:

1. Visuals

Visual posts look better and attract attention more than text only posts. You still need a description to go with your visuals but including them will definitely increase the visibility of your post. Ensure your pictures are tagged with relevant key words and use a variety of visuals including infographics and videos.

2. Hashtags

Readers will find your content via hashtags so use them on each relevant word if you are posting on Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. Using hashtags in your Google+ updates will not only make your posts visible on the platform itself but will also help your posts to show up in Google searches.

3. Regular posts

As posts get lost in the mix, it’s important to keep your social media activities regular. Focus on quality of your posts, but if possible try to post at least once a day to remind your existing followers and attract new ones. Automate your social media activities where possible to save time – here are some of our favourites.

4. Timings

You will find that some times and days work better than others. Keep track of different times and focus on those timings that are most effective. There are some best practice studies out there that can recommend ideal times for posting on social media so starting with those is a good idea.

5. Relevant titles

If you are sharing a link on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, your post will come up as a visual update automatically. It’s easy just to copy/paste a link into your profile but this means that there is no title or description. Take the time to add a few words about your link – it helps your followers to understand what your update is about.

6. Community

Ask your friends and colleagues to share your updates – the more your posts get shared the more often and higher they will appear. If you are using LinkedIn, by posting content in relevant groups you will be able to reach a large amount of people who are interested in the topic you are posting about and it will help you to build your online profile.

7. Social interactions

The more you interact with others on social media,  the more visible your posts and your own profile will become. Follow others, share and like their content and they will be more likely to do the same.

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