Email marketing ideas for small businesses

Sending emails is easy. Sending marketing emails that will be open and read is a different story. To make your email marketing successful you need to give your readers more in order to get them interested and keep their interest for as long as possible. One way to generate interest is to differentiate your email – both in terms of format and content. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  1. Downloadable content

Depending on how advanced is your marketing technology you can either build a simple landing page where your readers can download content or you can use standard attachments. The idea is that you give them something to keep for the future. You can create a simple white paper, an e-book or infographic. If you are able to track the downloads it also gives you a great source of new leads that you can follow-up on post campaign. To generate ongoing interest you can also consider running an email series so you build up expectations for repeated communication.

  1. E-newsletter

A monthly/weekly newsletter is a great way to promote your content highlights and create awareness. You can either focus on highlights that you want to push forward most or promote your most popular content. You can also group your content into topic specific newsletters if you have enough to share. Create the option for your website visitors to subscribe to regular email updates – it will help you build up your marketing database over time. Give them something extra if you can – promotional offers, invitations to events and webinars or simple giveaways.

  1. Blog subscription

If you have a blog on your website, tell everyone about it and provide the option for your readers to subscribe to it and receive an email notification every time a new blog gets published. You are not only driving website traffic but building your profile as a thought leader. People will believe what you are saying if you are credible and provide relevant information. So try to keep your blogs short and to the point and always focus on the value they bring to your readers.

  1. Highlight emails

Sharing your top content over a certain period of time is a great resource for your audience. It gives them relevant information that they can keep in one place and use as a reference point every time they are looking for information that you provided. I wouldn’t recommend sending these more frequently than once per month as you want to be objective when it comes to the popularity of your content.

  1. Press coverage

I don`t think companies leverage their PR enough for email campaigns and I believe there is a great opportunity to get people interested. Share media mentions every time there is something you are really proud of. Obviously not all media mentions are worth emailing about, but if there are any significant ones, take the time to draft a simple campaign to let your audience know. It will give you and your business added credibility and help to build your profile.

  1. Surveys

Research is a great way to get people involved – as long as its relevant and the findings are shared in the right way. You can use the findings for additional email campaigns, social media campaigns, PR and as a source for your own content and product development. Think about topics that your audience cares about and ask for their opinion via a short online survey. Then tell them all about the results.

  1. Games

Having a regular game/quiz will give your business a more human and fun profile and will get people talking. Think about a game that could work for your audience based on their demographics. It doesn’t have to be anything relevant to what your business does. The idea is to get people interested, not to sell. And if they are interested and need your help they will come to you anyway!

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