Seven social media campaign ideas for small businesses

You know how much social media helps your brand to grow and remind your followers about your business. And you are already sharing your blogs and articles you find relevant. But what else can you share to keep your potential and existing clients interested? Here are a few of our social media campaign ideas for your future updates:

1. Pictures

People love visuals. To make them even more interesting, you could improve your photos, not only by using special visual filters but also adding a bit of text. There are many free web platforms that will allow you to edit your pictures – we use and it’s extremely easy to use. For great websites for free stock photos see our post 7 Websites for free stock photos.

2. Infographics

You don’t need lots of data to create an infographic. All you need is to simplify your message into a short visual demonstration. Pick a niche enough topic and instead of writing about it, see if you can make it visual instead. Again, we will point at, but there are many other helpful and easy to use web based platforms you could look into.

3. Visual quotes

This is an ideal compromise between a quote and a picture. It’s very simple – just put a quote into a template or just change the background. The most important thing here is to say something interesting and relevant. You can either quote others or come up with your own quote– or you could even pick a sentence or two from your blog or website. Or, a client testimonial is a great way to tell everyone how good you are at what you do.

4. Quizzes

We love a good quiz. You can make these relevant to what you do or completely random. Go creative on the categories and visuals; just make sure they are short enough to keep your follower`s interest. Resources allowing, making these a regular thing will make them even more popular over time.

5. Games

Games are designed to not only create, but keep the players interest for longer. Think about a competition that your followers might enjoy – it could be a one off “tag someone” or a continuous challenge. You could consider running these online or even face to face which could be a great way to personally interact with those you only know online.

6. Short knowledge shares

The reason why you are successful at what you do is because you have the knowledge that not everyone has. Share it! Of course not too much of it, but consider doing a short “did you know..” or “how-to-guide” posts. They have the potential to get your followers curious and increase their interaction levels as they will want to know more. These can be as simple as status updates or simple visuals.

7. Polls

If you can think of an interesting topic that would get your followers engaged, try running a quick survey to capture their views. You will need to offer and incentive that your audience will find compelling – it could be as simple as learning something new. For a free easy survey tool, try . Once you have their responses, you’ll need to present the new findings so you can demonstrate that you have listened – you might even want to consider an infographic for that.

For any campaign – don’t forget your tags, so your posts are not only seen by your current followers but also get you some new ones.

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