10 simple SEO tips for small businesses

That’s what we all want when we create our website – instant, high volume traffic. We often believe that just by using the right words it will be our website that comes up on top of the search results. By now you know that’s not true. With the volume of traffic online, you really need to stand out to be found. Any search engine provider is a company that works on the same principles as your own. They look to provide the best possible value that matches customer requirements. The reason why Google is one of the most successful businesses of all times is because they do their job well – that is sourcing the enormous amount of websites online and picking those that match the content and quality requirements of their clients.

So what can you do to attract and retain visitors? Here are a few tips that could help:

  1. Right keywords

Be clear on which words do you want to be associated with and use them within reason. Overusing keywords will not increase your SEO, in fact it will have a negative impact on ranking and bounce rates. If you are struggling to think of the right words, use Google’s Keyword Planner. It’s a great and simple tool that will suggest related keywords as well as where they stand in terms of volume and competition.

  1. Optimised title tag

That’s the first thing your visitors will see, so have everything they need to know captured in there. Search engines will look at this as a primary factor when pushing websites to the top of the page.

  1. Original content

This doesn’t just relate to words. In addition to sharing engaging and valuable copy, look at other types of content. Leverage pictures, videos and podcasts – they are great for SEO and will be included in Google Image and Video search if tagged properly. In order for them to be found, you will need to ensure the file name reflects the image and includes a caption.

  1. Links

Traffic is generated by incoming and outgoing links – the more high quality connections you can make to other sites, the higher the rankings. It’s important for your reputation to be seen at the right places as well as having outgoing links to other sites embedded on your website. Go with your instinct and measure which work better than others.

  1. Sitemap

By creating a sitemap, you are making it easy for search engines to navigate through and index your site. You can create your sitemap using Google Site Map and it will get automatically updated every time there is a change on your site.

  1. Social sharing

Associated social profiles and the ability to share your content are the most powerful traffic drivers. You are expanding your audience by approaching them via different channels and having the opportunity for visitors to share your content further with their network.

  1. Easy navigation

Make it easy to navigate and say it as it is. Many websites lose their visitors because they can’t work out what it is that the business does. Be clear with your messaging and website sections – that’s what your visitors want as it will save them time and the hassle of digging through pages.

  1. Linking related pages

If there is a connection, be sure to give your visitors the option to click through to other pages on your site. Less is more – only use content that is truly linked to other pages, otherwise they will never click through again.

  1. Visuals

By having a visually appealing site you will make a good first impression even before your visitors read what you got to say. Judging by appearance is not right but we all do it. And you want to look good anyway.

  1. Allowing for conversations

You want visitors to interact with your website as well as between each other. Give the opportunity to share comments and use social sharing to make the connection – the more people talk the longer they stay connected to your site and business. It’s all about sharing.

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  1. Great tips! Love to see what people are learning (and teaching) with SEO.

    I didn’t see you add anything about header tags (H1, H2, etc). Super important. Anyway… good post! Thanks for the post!

    Gil Datz | UZU Media | Colorado Springs SEO

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