Why use Google+ for your small business marketing?

Google+ may not be your go to social network, but it should not be ignored. Like all other social networks, Google+ is a platform where you can build an online community, but unlike others, it has a significant impact on your SEO and website traffic. If you don’t use the social network yet, or not quite sure why you should, here are a few reasons to consider:

1. Google loves Google+

Google+ is a powerful search engine marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, bloggers and influencers. Sharing your content on the social network is a great way to drive traffic to your page and then to your website or blog. It also positively impacts your keywords rankings. The search engine indexes and crawls your content posted to Google+ quicker. It is more likely to show up in search results, because Google ranks its own social network higher. So even if you don’t have many followers, it will boost your content visibility.

2. Your Google+ profile appears in your email

Over 1.2 billion people use Gmail every month. Every time you use your Gmail account to email other users, your Google+ profile appears for those who open your email in Gmail on desktop. You can make the most out of this extra visibility by adding a photo, or logo to your profile. You can also optimise your profile by including a bio, your website and relevant links.

3. You are reaching a targeted audience

Over 395 users use the social network on monthly basis. This number is quickly growing as every new Gmail account comes with a Google+ profile as well. Recent stats show that Google+ has the highest ratio of male users on social media – 73%, and 78% of its users work in a tech related role. If this is your target audience, you are in the right place. But even if it isn’t the high number of users make it a very decent place to reach your potential clients and market your brand.

4. Your brand stands out more

The network is an ideal place to build your following as there is lot less noise and content compared to the other major networks. Plus, you have the added bonus of improved SEO and website traffic. Sharing content and engaging with others is very simple, with no character restrictions and can be set up via social media post scheduling  tools. To make your keyword stand out,  use hashtags to make your content easily found and indexed. In addition to building your brand, you can also actively engage in Google+ Communities. When you are a community member, you can post in the group, reaching a large volume of community members. The communities are very popular, with over 1.6 million new daily community joins according to recent stats. With such an active, quickly growing audience, it’s a great way to build your following.

5. Higher web authority

Search engine optimisation is based on a number of factors such as content, speed, titles, backlinks, user experience – just to name a few.  Search engines also take social media metrics into account when looking at content featured in search results. There is a positive link between the number of likes, shares  and +1s and your website rankings. Together with the other major social networks, Google+ has a high web authority, which means that sharing your content helps to build up your own web authority and backlinks.

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