Building that coveted close relationship with your customers

If there’s one thing you should be certain of as a business owner, it’s just how valuable that relationship with your customers is to you. A strong relationship with customers has a plethora of benefits. Not only will they come back to you time and time again, they’ll likely recommend your services and products to their friends and family, becoming free brand ambassadors for you! But just how do you go about building that coveted close relationship with your customers? Read on to find out.

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Exceed your customer’s expectations

If you want to build a close relationship with your customers, you need to start by making them very, very happy. This means exceeding their expectations. Give them a service that they can’t help but gush and tell their friends about. Send out a product or complete a project super quickly. Package it up and make it look really pretty and presentable. Even consider sending a handwritten thank you note. These things are invaluable to getting that relationship off the ground.

Solve issues quickly

If you experience any issues with your customers, then you must solve them as quickly as possible. This means actually doing something about them and making the customer feel as if they have been victorious. They must feel like the issue has truly been resolved, or you stand to lose them.

Provide value to them continuously

You must aim to provide value to your customers continuously. This means writing valuable content that can be used in emails, on your website, and even creating videos that they can use to learn. You’re supposed to be the expert, so show them you are by sharing what you know.

If you stop providing value at any point, your customers are likely to move on.

Communicate like a human being

When communicating with your customers, make sure you communicate like a real human being. You don’t want to start sending them copy and paste messages, as easy and quick as that is for you. Personalize all of your interactions and make sure you’re speaking to them in a relatable way. If you struggle, it’s definitely worth taking communication skills training so that you feel more confident. Ensuring your customers relate to you is the best way to build relationships.

Reward loyal customers

Make sure you have systems in place that make it easy for you to reward loyal customers. You can offer coupons, special events, loyalty points, and even plain old advice. Make sure they know that you value them and their custom, and take good care of them before another company swoops in and steals them away. Stats show that it’s easier to retain customers than gain new ones, so by taking care of the ones you have, you’ll save/make money, as well as save hassle and time.

You just can’t afford to lose your customers due to poor relationships. Once they have purchased a service or product from you, that is half the battle. The next half is staying in touch, continuing to provide value for them, and giving them no reason to go elsewhere for their needs!

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