Beyond the city walls: Why you should move your offices just out of town

There’s something to be said for having an excellent downtown location for your business. It carries with it prestige, you’re closely linked to other companies, and you can receive daily inspiration from the thrum of the city. However, it’s not your only option, and indeed might not even be the best option, depending on your type of business. If you’re an online business, then you might find it’s better to be away from the city. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits of looking away from the city centres for your next office.

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Plugged In

It’s a global world. People are working with each other across borders, across time zones. No corner of the world ‘s really away from it all. If your business is online, then you already know that you don’t need to have massive amounts of infrastructure to make money: it’s all in the digital world. Just because you’ll be away from the city centre, that doesn’t mean you won’t be part of the business world. You have all the resources to be just as successful in the middle of nowhere as you do in the centre of London, providing you have a solid internet connection and the means to travel to the city when needed.

Cheaper Everything

There’s one obvious advantage to being out of town, and that is that more or less everything will be cheaper than it would be in the centre of a bustling city. Space is a premium in every city, not just the world’s biggest cities, and if you take your business elsewhere, you’ll find that you’ll have the slashed the cost of your rent. Even other things, like food and staff, will be cheaper in places where the cost of living is cheaper.

More Space to Build

If you’re currently based in a big city – we’ll say London – and you want to design your own office, then good luck, because you’ll be paying through the roof; that is if you’re able to get planning permission. When you move just away from the city, you’ll be able to work with planning consultants to create an office headquarters that doesn’t have to be compromised due to restrictions. Bigger offices are more enjoyable to work in, and you can include some really cool features, which you just wouldn’t be able to do in a city.

Ease of Access

One reason people tend to stay in cities is that they don’t trust that they can be a part of the business world if they’re elsewhere. If that’s the reason, then they’re wrong; they have vastly overestimated how long it takes to get from one place to another. To use London as an example, again: it’s sometimes faster to reach central London from Essex than it is from just south of the river!

Work-Life Balance

Finally, away from the city, you’ll find a much better work/life balance. A nice commute and less stress mean you’ll have more time to think about your business plans!

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