Pour some HEART into your customer relationship

A strong customer relationship is not a luxury. It’s a critical factor in a business success that is too often replaced by digital tools and convenient payment methods. Of course, there’s no saying that a user-friendly digital presence is a waste of time. But if you want to build your business success of customer acquisition and retention, it’s time to pour some HEART into your customer relationship.

H for Happy to help

As a business owner, you need to be aware of how valuable the relationship with your customers can be to your business. Being in a position where you can enjoy a healthy relationship facilitates the customer retention but also makes it easy to promote your services further. However, you need to establish from the start a positive behaviour, by making it clear that you are happy to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Whether they have an issue or they pass an order, a swift and friendly customer management can go a long way.

E for Emotional hook

You need to develop an emotional connection with your customer base, using online communication such as personalised newsletters, but also making the most of the offline opportunities. If you own a shop, working with creative retail designers can help you to establish an innovative and exciting decor that encourages customers to come inside and spend time and money with you. For B2B businesses, the offline approach consists of phone calls, letters and meetings, but still needs to create an emotional bond.

A for Accessibility

It’s difficult not to think of online presence without mentioning the need for accessibility and relevant testing tools to ensure that your website is visible for all. However, while digital accessibility is a problem that is the centre of attention, too many businesses forget about making their offices and shops accessible to all. Half of all shops in the UK are not wheelchair-friendly. Vision-impaired customers although experience huge struggles when they try to visit their favourite shop, online or offline. In short, it’s time to show your customers that you place their comfort at the top of your priorities.

R for Returns

Sometimes the product doesn’t fit, or the customer changes their mind. But a customer who experiences great difficulty to return an unwanted item and to get their money back is less likely to want to shop with you again. In fact, businesses that facilitate smooth and easy returns have noticed that customers tend to trust them with their future orders.

T for Time

We get it: you’re busy. But so are your customers, and they don’t like to wait. So, it’s important that you develop prioritisation rules so that you can handle the most urgent cases first and limit potential harm. As a rule of the thumb, the shorter customers wait for an answer or a solution, the better it will be for your relationship. What this means, is that urgent emails should get an answer within the day, less urgent communication can wait up to 2 days. Finally, in shop, customers don’t like to queue for more than a few minutes.

Your customer relationship takes a lot of HEART to work:

  • Happy to serve
  • Emotional connection
  • Accessible
  • Retours made easy
  • Timely response

But your efforts will be rewarded with loyal, brand-promoting customers who value your business offers.

 *This is a contributed post.

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