Don’t forget to look after your office

Running a business comes with a list of this that you have to do – from finances to marketing, to employee contracts. But one of the main jobs that comes with being an employer is often overlooked. Your office. Whether it’s you and a single colleague, or you have fifteen floors worth of staff, you need to pay attention to your office space.

Keep it tight

Watertight, airtight, fire tight – you need to make sure that your office is fit for you and others to work in. If you’re renting, these are things your landlord needs to take care of before you start using the space. If you own the building, it’s down to you to make sure that the space is fit to be worked in. A lot of older building come with issues involving pipes and windows – they easily crack due to age and inferior materials, get these checked over before moving in. And as for ‘fire tight’, which was a bit of a stretch, it’s all about making sure that your fire doors are operational, that you provide valid fire extinguishers and fire blankets, and that every piece of electricals you bring into the office is pat tested.

Keep it clean

You’re paying for the space, and your employees are spending most of their day in the office, so make sure that it’s clean. Contract office cleaning services to keep on top of the day to day mess, dust and rubbish. But make sure that you tackle the bigger cleaning jobs too – like fumigating and mould removal if needed. You will also need to think about the appearance of your office for any clients who might be coming in – a neat, tidy and clean office sets a much better example than a messy one with an overflowing bin and apple cores gathering flies on the window ledge.

Keep it green

In both a literal and an eco-friendly way. Going green for the environment doesn’t just help the world – it helps your wallet. You can save so much money by going paper free, recycling ink cartridges and installing a dishwasher rather than a constant stream of washing up. And, obviously, it will help to reduce your carbon footprint which is desirable to a lot of potential clients. As for the literal meaning of ‘keep it green’ having plants in the office is a great way to help keep the space light and healthy. The actual function of a plant in removing CO2 and creating Oxygen has the benefit of keeping the office fresh and your employees headache-free and productive.

Keep it fresh

Again this has two meanings – the first is to open windows. It sounds simple enough, but many people just don’t do it. Letting in fresh air cleans out the stale smells of the office and keeps the place fresh. The second is to refresh your surroundings and equipment. Obviously, you won’t be doing this every few months, but rather than doing a full redecoration every couple of years, refresh it in segments. Replace the chairs, then the desk, then the equipment – this will keep the space new and exciting, and will save you splurging all at once.

*This is a contributed post.

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