Just how much can advertising and PR help your business?

The importance of advertising and general public relations has been greatly emphasized within the past decade. All sorts of trends which appeared out of nowhere and got insanely popular for seemingly no reason have grown in popularity due to some sort of exposure, be it intentional or not. Let us look at clothing brand Supreme, founded in 1994 and met with moderate success over the years, securing them as one of the staple skateboarding clothes brands, but nothing out of the ordinary. Around two years ago however, a few personalities started to wear supreme branded clothes, and they soon became in such high demand that some of their T-Shirts resell online for several thousand and their online shops get sold out in a matter of seconds.

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Taking it upon yourself

If you want to take advertising into your own hands, there usually are not that many paths to take in accomplishing this endeavour. Until now. With social media at the helm of society, millions of people across the world are using it. Consequently, advertisement also thrives on those same platforms. Having constant access to said platforms from your very own pocket on your smartphone or on your laptop is as good as it gets. If you truly do not want to invest money into advertising but want results, then it actually is possible, it will be a somewhat slow and at times gruelling process. Slowly but surely, no matter the platform, you shall gain followers, likes, subscribers or whatever else social media site you are using has to provide. This is not just a theory, with constant updates and content being posted across your all social media accounts, interest in your product or service will increase. That is of course if you post useful, informative content, alternatively less advertisement-oriented posts which focus more on being humorous or current trends. Topical posts about whatever may be happening at the time like a new movie coming out or a public holiday are great ways of reaching out to your audience.

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Getting someone else to do it

Having an advertising budget is a wise decision. Free advertisement is effective and well, free, but it is very slow in comparison. Not that you should suddenly abandon or not start social media accounts, but there are ways to accelerate growth of those accounts by paying to get featured in related articles which link to your Twitter for example as well as various other methods. Now that we have some money to spend on ads, you can resort to more traditional methods. Leaving your ad in magazines which would be read by your target market, on transport, in newspapers, maybe even on TV, but more importantly, you can get someone to take care of all of that for you. Advertising firms and digital marketing agencies specialize taking over the advertising part of your business, only requiring the bare necessities from you in order for them to get started on their work. Investing into one such company is a great idea, but it is good to do some preemptive research. Looking for some reviews or previous experiences with firms that other people had are an excellent source of opinions which you can use to make your decision. For example, the king kong digital agency reviews are right here, being a well known digital marketing agency they are a pretty safe bet and a good starting point for your research. Do not be afraid to spend some time doing some digging before you finally invest a considerable amount of your hard earned money. Finding out a company brings mediocre results after you already made the payment is a moment no one should have to experience.

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