Is organisational chaos holding your business back?

Organisational chaos may be something that a lot of you are familiar with. It can show itself in many different ways, including disengaged employees, unhappy customers, unstable processes, unclear direction, and shifting priorities. Does this sound familiar? The trouble is that a lot of business owners get so accustomed to organisational chaos that they don’t even realise it is a problem. It’s simply business as usual. This is a dangerous stance to take.

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Organisational chaos could be just the thing that is holding your business back. This is the type of chaos that will zap your company of the energy it needs to compete in a competitive and ever-demanding marketplace. It results in a work environment that reduces the spirits of your employees, fails to satisfy shareholders, and decreases value to the consumer. It’s unlikely that these are the results you are aiming for, which is why it is important to address the chaos that has been created head-on.

Reducing organisational chaos

Firstly, you need to recognise the bad habits that you have created. This can be the difficult part, as habits are invisible. You don’t even realise they are there. One step is to look at how other successful organisations are doing it, and then compare this to your own. When doing this, you need to dissect your results into smaller pieces. Don’t just look at the big picture; look at the small cogs that work together to keep both your business and your competitor running. This is how you will spot the true difference.

Another step to consider is outsourcing parts of your current workload. One reason a lot of businesses have organisational chaos is quite simply because they are doing too much. While it is admirable to tackle everything in-house, it often causes a lack of focus, missed deadlines, and shifting priorities. Merely taking on Xero accountants to handle your books and taxes can make a massive difference. Business owners spend a huge amount of time compiling financial reports and keeping on top of their books, and this is time that could be better spent elsewhere, helping you to regain composure at your business.

Now would also be a good time to readdress your business strategy. You need to have a targeted and succinct business strategy, which addresses your target audience and speaks to them directly. You need to know and understand your customers – does your existing strategy reflect this? You may have dived straight in without creating buying personas and understanding your consumer base. You need to use advanced analytics to put together a strategy that will result in content and messages that really engage with your intended audience.

Finally, if you are committed to eradicating the organisational chaos that you have created at your business, you need to set aside time to doing so. This can seem counterproductive when there are so many other things to attend to. However, if you don’t take this seriously, you will only continue down the downward spiral you are on.

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