Outsourcing: Say yes three times and no twice

When we look back on modern times and decide which trends had the biggest impact on the way we live, we are going to remember Pokemon Go and the rise of outsourcing. Ignoring Pokemon for the sake of this blog, the whole reason outsourcing became the phenomena it has is because it offers businesses three staggering benefits: lower costs, time-efficiency and less risk. It is a concept that has allowed entrepreneurs and business leaders the world over to scale their businesses with limited capital, all the while focussing on the core functions and not tedious tasks.

The trick to getting it right, however, is knowing what should and should not be outsourced, which is what we are going to delve into now:

Three to outsource

You don’t need to do IT

More and more companies are comfortable with outsourcing their IT needs to a reliable IT support business for reasons that are hard to argue with. While IT is an integral part of your success, it is not a core part of your business, so it makes sense to let a specialist take responsibility for it. Not only this but by doing so you are able to stay at the front of the technological curve.

Forget about your financials

One of only two certainties in life is paying taxes, yet doing this yourself can cost valuable time while also running the risk of jeopardising your business in legal terms. You don’t want to mess up your tax payments. Period. The same goes with your payroll duties. The problem is, maintaining a payroll department is costly. Just calculating hours worked, salaries, bonuses, benefits, overtime can eat away at the entire month. The answer: outsource.

SEO is a no go

Building a decent website is hard enough, but understanding the ever-changing algorithms of Google, Yahoo, Bing and whoever else is an entirely different ball game. You want that website you have spent time and money on to be found at the top of search engine rankings, and that is why you need to outsource to someone whose job it is to know everything about how. We’re talking hours of content management and link building, as well as a plethora of other strategies.

Two To Keep In-House

Developing Your Employees

Even in this tech-obsessed world we live in, your most valuable and important asset is your employees, which is why developing their abilities should be at the top of your priority list. The reason why you shouldn’t outsource this is that your company goals, values, aims and objectives are entirely unique. It is specialist work that only you can do, and only you should do as a result. It is the future of your business and its ability to grow at stake here.

Organising Is Another

In the same way your employee development strategy is entirely unique to your business, so is your organizational culture. It is part of your core business that develops organically within your company. Yes, you can learn more about organization, but to outsource to virtual assistants could be a disaster because a) they won’t understand all the aspects of your culture and b) they may not totally understand what you are trying to do.

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