The competency you need to feel comfortable as a startup

Running a startup is not easy. In fact, it’s likely that the first sentence here features heavily on many of the startup advice blogs you read. It’s important that this fact is hammered home if you’re going to take the risk of potentially managing a firm laden with success. The early days are always difficult, turbulent and beset with issues that you simply can’t predict. However, does that mean that you should hope for smooth seas? We’d argue not, as they never make for skilful sailors. Having the most comfortable rise to the top will only bite you when a problem develops you aren’t equipped to handle.

For that reason, instead of worrying about the challenges you can’t control, you should always focus on upgrading your competency. This can help serve as a base from which you develop all of your methods to resolve an issue. It allows for creative thinking in the face of challenge, and potentially helps you make the perfect choice at the imperfect time. However, competency isn’t ethereal. There are a select number of things which in a business perspective it will consist of, and we’ve listed those here under the following headings, as well as some advice to improve your standing within those fields.

Without further ado:

IT Competency

The world runs online these days, and you’d be mistaken for neglecting to see that as important. Not everyone can be a computer or technical wiz, and not everyone has the startup funds to give a salary to a tech wizard. Learning how to function from an IT perspective in business is much different to the same consideration at home. Here, you may be tackling with necessary software you are unaware of, or have to complete essential maintenance tasks.

You might be having trouble purchasing your own domain name, or simply working efficiently in a digital workspace. An IT consulting firm like Prosyn is worthy of commission here, as they have teams willing to help you become more adept at your IT system, and by that we mean your IT system. Finding out what tech solution works for you and your firm is the most important, and from there you can develop and become more widely educated on further issues you may need to resolve in the future.

Accounting Competency

Keeping the books well organized is not just a recommended requirement, often it’s a legal requirement. If you’re unable to pay your tax at the correct times and in the correct quantities or fudge the books regarding a customer complaint or account, you can be sure that your business will get in some form of trouble, and fast. Keeping a degree of mathematical skill can help you look over your books and understand them, but if you need help then outsourcing or hiring the time of a local accountant can help you tremendously. If you need further help in your humble days, then hiring an accounting student as an intern can help you cast a further and more educated eye on the responsibilities you have.

Refining your competency is something you’ll attempt for the rest of your life, but with these tidbits of advice, it will become much easier.

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