Pre-launch social media campaign ideas for small businesses

So you are just about to launch your brand new business with products that you can’t wait to show the world. It’s highly likely that you already have a good idea of how you are planning to market your products and business once everything is ready for the big launch and it’s also highly likely that social media marketing is on your list. But do you have to wait for everything to be ready before starting to create a buzz around your products or should you be out there telling everyone about what’s coming?

I’m a strong believer in pre-launch campaigns. One of the main reasons is that it gives you time to build your follower base before you have a finished product. Without a pre-launch campaign you could be in a position when you finally start a social media campaign but have no followers to see it. It’s also a nice way to build up excitement around your business, give people an idea of what’s coming and also give you an idea what your potential customers like to see. Here are a few pre-launch social media campaign ideas you could consider:

1. Showcase work in progress

People care about how products are coming to life. They also prefer to buy from brands and people they like. Social media is an ideal place to showcase your personality and the story behind your business. Use your social media profiles to showcase how you are getting on with the prep prior to the big launch, what do you have planned and offer sneak previews of what your potential customers have to look forward to once everything goes live.

2. Start a countdown

Give yourself plenty of time for last minute changes prior to launching your business or product. Once you have a realistic idea of when it is likely to happen, start a countdown to build up the excitement. It is a nice reminder  which you can also combine with work in progress visuals.

3. Ask for feedback

It’s all about what your potential customers like, want and need so having them involved straight from the start will ensure that you are building your business and products around their preferences. Ask for their feedback via simple questions combined with visuals of products that you are asking about or if you’d like to get more detailed feedback consider setting up a short survey via

4. Run a competition

People love competitions and free giveaways. Asking people to tag a friend for a chance to be the first one to receive your complimentary shiny new product when you launch will give your brand the extra exposure and help to create a buzz with your existing followers. Consider using hashtags to allow new users to find you such as #competition #entertowin or #giveaway.

5. Offer a discount

We all love discounts. Consider offering a volume discount to your customers when they spend over a certain amount. It will incentivise your customers to shop more and also make them feel valued by having been given the discount. You can add a pop up form on your home page asking visitors to sign up to receive the discount which will also help you to build your mailing list and give you an additional channel to communicate with your customers.

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