2 Major ways to improve your business’ presentation

When running any kind of business, chances are you might have to publically show up somewhere at some point. Be it at a trade show, convention or just due to the fact that you have a street stand. You probably would like for your business to stand out in one way or another. After all, presentation is an extremely important aspect of putting yourself out there. Often, the success of the actual product or service is much more dependant on its marketing and what it is presented as, much more than the quality of the actual product. Now, this does not mean you should not care about the quality of your product, rather, understand how much of an impact giving off the right impression can bring about. If you wish to see the two major ways in which your business or startup can give off a very strong first impression, read on.

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The modern day has quite a few interesting design philosophies, but the one which seems to be most prominent amongst successful businesses usually incorporates its fair share of minimalism. Just take a look at world leaders like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook. All the logos are very simplistic and incorporate either no colours, or no more than four. Not that you should never have a logo with more than four colours, but for branding and advertising purposes they are much easier to print. Besides that, simple designs tend to be a lot more memorable, they make better icons for the android marketplace or IOS store. Most companies seem to be shifting towards minimalistic design, phasing out their more busier approach of yesteryear. That said, how can you incorporate this design philosophy into your product or service? Well, a good start would be some good branding, as mentioned beforehand, logos are a big part of a company’s identity. When making promotional material like banners, adverts of any kind, brochures or business cards, try to either stick with a fully minimalistic design which boldly shows off your logo and company name as well as whatever you want to advertise or inform people about. If you do not want to stick to a fully simplistic design, consider incorporating something flashy and eye-catching with the existing simplistic elements. Be it photography or random complex vector graphics, a bit of contrast between simplistic elements and something much more visually busy often does a great job of emphasizing the actual text and branding.


Presenting yourself

Now that you have your logos, graphics and anything else you could possibly print, presenting yourself with your business is going to be much easier. Be it for more traditional forms of advertising like newspaper ads, leaflets and business cards, or more modern takes on the medium such as websites, social media accounts and everything that comes with it. You might still need that extra push to stand out from the crowd amongst hundreds of others who are in the same position. In the scenario of a trade show for example, unless your branding is simply excelling in quality and manages to catch just about everyone’s eye who walks past, you will not do much better than the 100 other stalls in the same room. This stands true for conventions and other similar events. In such a scenario, it is worth looking into bespoke exhibition stands. Not only do they allow for easier showing off of your branding, but can be a custom design built by professionals, suiting whatever needs you might have for the occasion. Literally built to accommodate the display of your product. It is rather difficult to get that same kind of effect with a generic stand built out of a few tables put together and a logo banner on top, which most other places there will be making use of.

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