Surviving as a burgeoning business without an official office

You don’t need an official office to be a burgeoning business, you know. No, your business can survive without working from within a traditional office environment. Don’t believe this to be the case? Well, read on to find out just how.

You can do your work outside, if you really want to.


Getting your business work done away from a traditional office environment

Yes, everyday work doesn’t have to be completed in an office — it can be completed anywhere. It can be completed in cafes, in pubs, in libraries and at home. But, business work can only be completed in these places if they offer the tools that allow you to do so; the main tool of which is going to be not only an Internet connection, but a strong Internet connection. Simply, in this day and age next to no business work can be completed without the help of the Internet. So, the first thing that you should be ensuring that your working environment, wherever it is, provides is a strong Internet and WiFi connection.

What you also need is a strong desire to work on both your and your employees’ parts. This is because of the fact that when you take a worker out of a traditional working environment you also take away the authority figure that looms atop of them throughout the day forcing them to keep on track with their work. As the owner of your business, the desire to get all of your work done should be easy to come by, no matter where you work. But, any remote employees that you may assign work to throughout the working day might not feel this same desire. To combat this, you should enforce even stricter deadlines than you would if you all worked together under the same roof, and you should consider offering incentives for the completion of work on time.

Making your business look bona-fide and legit

Away-from-office businesses all suffer with the same stigma, a stigma that claims they aren’t bona-fide, legit or even real. No, businesses, such as home-based businesses, have long fought the misconception that they are just a plucky little start up who, although does provide good, solid work, will never be big enough to afford its own office space. Unfortunately, this is just a misconception that just won’t budge, but there are ways to fight it.

One way to fight this stigma is to get in touch with a virtual office provider, such as, and to start trading under a far more official looking address. By doing this you get to register your business’s address as being one that falls in the heart of some of the busiest and most famous businesses areas in the world, such as those found in London. And, when you do this you don’t actually have to move into the address you register your business under. No, you continue working from wherever it is you are working, only your own personal address won’t be shown to potential customers, and therefore you won’t be scaring any potential customers off because they think you’re not bona-fide or trustworthy enough to do business with. The prime business address you register your business under will be where you are deemed to be trading out of by your government, it will be the address shown on any business cards you make and it will be where your letters are sent (and they will then be forwarded to where you actually are). Basically, it is where everybody will believe you are trading from.

Working away from offices is a growing trend in the world of business. And, as you can see above, there are ways to make a real success of doing so.

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