Extra value your customers will actually appreciate

In the competitive business environment of the 21st century, most small businesses work hard to differentiate their offer on the market. You need to do something better than your competition to get the job, and there is usually a race for every customer. If you want to differentiate your business, you need to add value that customers will think is useful. Find out below which value added services and products you can add for customers to make it easier for them to choose you.

Free delivery


No matter if you are selling items on eBay or Etsy, or have a physical store, your customers will look at the total cost of the product. If they have to buy a new fridge or cooker, they will be more likely to buy from companies that offer free delivery. Look for low cost vans to save money on this service. Similarly, if you sell business cards or print leaflets for small and medium sized businesses, you have to offer delivery,  knowing that business owners don’t like taking time out to pick up items.

Free after-sales support

If you sell custom machinery, computers, or other devices that require maintenance, you can build up checkups and support in your initial price. When customers know that they don’t have to look for repair shops and you will help them out, they are more likely to trust you with their business. Make sure that you clearly communicate this offer and highlight the benefits of having a maintenance plan.

Free setup

If you sell equipment, design websites, and provide professional IT support, you can implement the setup in your price. If you have just supplied a computer network, you might want to offer customers the option to get it professionally installed with all the computers checked and protected. Likewise, if you run a web design company, you can provide extra support for your customers by installing the webmail system on their computer and adding editing tools on their devices.

Discount with other companies

Teaming up with other companies is a great idea, and both firms can benefit. Let us imagine that you run a wedding planning business and offer customers a discount code on honeymoon bookings. This will be great for your business, while you can send new customers to a local travel agent. Make sure that the deal is worth doing, and you get referrals back from the other company.

Referral bonuses

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One of the best ways of making your customers feel valued is to trust them with referring their friends to your business. You can offer certain discounts, free products, or vouchers for each referral. Those who are happy with your services will be willing to get you more clients, and even if you don’t turn them into customers, you get the free word-of-mouth advertising.

To create a value added service and make your offer stand out in the competitive market, you need to ask your customers what they value the most. Complete surveys and distribute questionnaires online to tailor your offers to your market’s needs.

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