Green PR tips for savvy ecopreneurs

PR is essential for a small firm to increase visibility and raise awareness of its brand. The problem is the range of choice at an SMB disposal. From installing solar panels to renting a wind turbine, the options, funnily enough, seem endless. But, there are features which are unsuitable for small and medium-sized firms. The key, then, is to pick the ones which fit the brand and the company perfectly. Without further ado, below are the green tips ecopreneurs need to consider.

Go paperless

Millions of trees are cut down in their prime for printing purposes. Therefore, it’s logical to stop printing altogether and go paperless. Thanks to instant messaging services, sending out an email blast is cheaper and more effective anyway. To get the approval of your customers, however, you have to self-promote. It’s tricky business because people hate companies which appear egotistical yet it is possible. One of the most effective methods is a small, green icon on the bottom of the email. Without saying a word, the reader will know you are helping the planet because the symbol is synonymous with the environment. Subtle and effective is the way to go regarding self-promotion.


Start a blog

Not every method has to be as delicate as a logo. The truth is there are ways to promote your actions without seeming preachy. To do it, you need to create a blog and increase traffic to the site. On the website, you can post articles which concentrate on helping the planet. Of course, within the text, a mention of the company’s good work is perfectly acceptable. Even a video detailing the firm’s latest project isn’t arrogant. A tip to consider is engagement. When people interact through the blog, it carries more weight and authority and boosts the business’s reputation.

Dig a hole

Drilling a hole in the ground seems more like vandalism than it does conservationism. However, begs to differ. The company is an expert in boreholes, a measure to help conserve water. How it works is simple: the team drills a hole and installs a pipe which filters the water and protects it from pollution. Then, the company can not only benefit from clean water but a boost in its reputation. However, the hole is not the be all and end all because you have to use the H2O correctly. Wasting water is as bad as polluting it given the plight of villages around the world.

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Sponsor an event

A post on says an event is an excellent way to connect with your base. This is particularly true if the event has a special meaning, such as helping the environment. The simple fact is that the attendees will reflect positively on the sponsor for doing “their bit.” It doesn’t matter that they know about the ulterior motive because at least you are helping. Of course, the event has to go well or else the PR won’t be pretty. But, as long as you get organised, everything should be fine.

Greening a business is about as good a PR move an any in 2017.

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