5 Marketing jobs you shouldn’t attempt yourself

DIY marketing can save you money, but isn’t always the most sensible and effective option. Sometimes it’s worth calling up the professionals to make your marketing campaign a success. Here are just a few marketing tasks that you shouldn’t attempt yourself (unless of course that is your profession).

Events planning

Trade fairs and launch parties and conferences can all be great marketing opportunities. However, they take an awful lot of organisation. Whilst you should still attend these events, save yourself the hassle of organising them by hiring an events planner to get all the necessary resources in place. You could even save yourself money, as an events planner may be able to get discounts on marquees and catering services. They may even be able to hire events staff for you.


SEO is a means of improving your business’s rankings on search engines such as Google. Whilst you can read up on keywords and backlinks and attempt your own SEO, it’s generally more sensible to hire an SEO company who have the networking capabilities to effectively boost your rankings. Many marketing companies such as online based agency E-web Marketing can offer SEO as a service. Alternatively, you may want to hire a specialised SEO company.

Graphic design

Whilst there are programmes out there for creating logos and packaging and various other branding, it’s often best to invest in a graphic design company that will come up with something professional and impactful. You may even be able to find a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr to do the job for you for cheap. You don’t want amateurish graphic design to bring down your company’s reputation.

Video advertising

Anyone with a decent camera can give a vlogging a go. However, when it comes to serious video advertisement whether it be for TV or simply a Youtube ad, you want to hire a professional videographer to do the job. They will be able to shoot and edit something that looks and feels polished. You could even hire an animator if you don’t want to create something live action.

App development

Apps are becoming a big marketing tool for businesses. Without thorough coding knowledge however, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to create an app on your own. You can create a website on your own using website builders like WordPress that don’t require any coding, and whilst there are apps that achieve the same thing, they’re generally not as diverse. You’re far better off pitching your idea to a professional company such as Clutch that can create an app to your very own specs. App development companies may even be able to recommend features that will make your app stand out and be more effective. There are also app search optimisation companies that can make your app easier to find when searching on the app store.

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