Whatever your profession, you need an optimised website

If you’re a small business owner and you think you can do without a business website, you need to think again. It might cost you more money now, but without one, it’ll lose you untold business in the future, if you ever really get off the ground at all. It really doesn’t matter whether you sell women’s clothing, herbal supplements or plasterboard tools, if you have something to sell – you need a website. Not just any website either, a well optimised, professional looking site is essential. Why?

It helps your customers find you

What do most people do when they’re looking for a product or service they need? They pick up their cell phone or fire up their computer and search for it on Google. That means if you don’t have a website, and you haven’t used SEO, then your business is not going to be found by your target market and they will buy elsewhere. This is the most basic reason why you need to create, or have someone create, a professional business website for you, and employ as many search engine optimisation tools as possible – businesses that can’t be found easily are sure to sink without a trace!

It’s more affordable than other ads

If you have a website that has been SEO’d to a high level, it will cost you much less to keep it running that it would for you to place ads in local magazines and newspapers, advertise on TV or get your company’s name out there on the radio. In fact, hosting could cost you as little as £0.99 a month; then it’s just a matter of renewing your domain each year and paying an SEO company or content writer to add some fresh content to your site. It’s really very affordable.

It helps you to connect

Having a website that people can find and linking it to your social media profiles is a great way to connect with your target audience and not only get to know them and what their likes and dislikes are – great for marketing – but also keep them informed of various promotions and discounts you may be running.

It’s open 24/7

You might not want to keep your shop open 24/7, but having your website up and running and open for business all the time is not only very easy, but a very good way of maximising your conversions and making money even while you sleep!

Wider reach

A professional website is one that can be found by lots of people, not only locally but across the globe. That means that, if you have your own website, you could pick up more customers and clients than you ever believed possible. Obviously, if you’re a local plumber or dog walker, this won’t be much use, but if you offer products and services that are either online or shippable, it will make a huge difference. It’ll really open up the world for you.

Basically, having a professional, search engine optimised website is good for business, any business!

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