3 Reasons why every business should have a blog

It doesn’t matter what your business is, it should have a blog that posts regularly. You should have blog posts that relate to your business in some way for your customers to read. Having a blog is a tool that your business should not overlook, and these are some way that a blog will benefit your company.

Increase SEO

There are so many websites out there these days that being found by your potential customers can be difficult. That is where SEO comes into play and how a blog can help to increase and improve your SEO. Fresh, interesting content is important for climbing the SEO ranks and beating your competition on results pages. Making sure that you use keywords in your articles and that they relate to your business even if the article is only tangentially related will help to push you up the ranks. Even if you can find a way to make the keywords link, simply by blogging regularly, you will naturally get hits on your blog through people searching whatever words you included in the post. As an example, if you have 50 blog posts, then that is another 50 pages for potential customers to search for and land on your website through. Coming up in a search engine more often is always a good thing.

Helps generate traffic

You are likely already on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Pinterest or LinkedIn, but without enriching content to share on these channels, you are going to struggle to build a following. That is where a blog comes into play. Through creating valuable, engaging content, you will help to generate traffic to your website. Every person who clicks on your blog link is another potential customer for your product or service on your website. So whether you are selling knitwear, custom t-shirts or stair lifts like Terry Lifts, then a blog will get visitors to your website. Another great thing you can do with a blog is to integrate inbound links within each post. These links will then take people directly to pages for specific products or services or other blog posts that might help convince them that you are the company for them.

Customer relationships

While social media is a great way to engage with your customers, it is limited to set interactions and word counts. If you can nurture a community within your blog space, then you can moderate and grow it in the way you want. Customers can comment on blog posts and share them with people they know, and this will help to grow your website’s popularity. Additionally, your customers will learn more about your products and services through reading the blog posts. This will build a relationship between your company and the customer as you become a business that they trust. Creating blog posts is an excellent way to show your company’s values and customers will similar values will start to flock to you, and these are the customers who will come back time and again.

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