Make your business look impressive on the outside

All types of small businesses have their own styles. Whether it’s a cute shop front because you’re running a bakery, or carefully crafted window displays in your entrance to advertise your products if you have a retail store. However, those of us who own an office or an otherwise intangible business, it can be a little harder to find your own display brand and show that off to the world.

Yet, if you have an office, chances are you’ve spent ages meticulously planning the interior, making sure the decorations are sophisticated and productive. So when it comes to the outside, we need to apply the same vim and vigor. Here’s a couple of quick ideas on making your business seem more professional from the outside, matching the inside toe to toe.


Give your exterior a quick cleanup

Your exterior is the first thing people see when they walk up to or by your building, and that means we need to take care of it. When you have an office space that isn’t situated in your own home, any number of problems can crop up with the building itself.

Check over your building to see if there’s anything needing heavy maintenance before you clean; sometimes the material won’t stand up against a good chemical cleaning brand. If it’s stable looking, use pressure washers to get off any scum you can find collected amongst the brick and the underside of the roofing. If not, some more gentle scrubbing can also get the job done. Look into housing cleaners, but usually water is enough to get rid of everything.

Make sure your business name is situated properly, as you want people to be able to find you, especially if you’re off a main road. Don’t let people be unsure if you’re there or not!

Invest in a PO box

If you use a PO box, not only is it going to make your mailing habits a little safer, but it looks incredible on a business front. You can afford to rent out a PO box alongside all other operations? Of course, they’re usually not expensive, but when you’re an aspiring big business that needs to be able to take any parcel, the cost may rack up a little.

Your post is also a lot faster than the usual delivery system, as the box itself is found within the post office, meaning it’s just a jump back and forth from the warehouse. So a PO Box makes you look extremely professional to anyone who wants to send you something or browses the website and sees the address at the bottom of your webpage, and is also extremely practical for your needs as well.

Install a new entrance way

Going into an office building can sometimes feel like you’re walking into another dimension, one in which the floors are glossy white and the walls only adorn those watercolor prints that everyone wants to own at least once in their life. So make your doors match that same style, and give your space a fresh outlook.

Check out a company such as Debar to get some new doors for your office, ones which add a whole new element of refinery to your space. You can use them as windows in the meeting room, allowing your employees a good look out into the skyline across the balcony that all executives that dream of. Similarly, bi folding doors can be insulated, which can make the office a whole let less freezing during the winter months, keeping productivity up and your employees snug in their seats.

Use the right colours

Interior decorating is once again the rule when it comes to using paint and wallpaper, but that doesn’t mean the outside doesn’t need a lick of paint for a quick refurbish. You can use the ideas below to full effect on the outside of a building, or even just the corridor leading to your office if you’re situated in a tenement place of any sort.

The right colours give off the impression you’re trying to nail with every other element of your business model. There’s quite a lot of science behind this, but if you combine a certain colour with another, there’s the idea it stimulates more than one sense or body part at once. For example, if you paint a wall yellow, and another blue, you’re combining the brain and the emotions at once, and hopefully making people more productive through stimulation, and the bright appearance of yellow can lift the spirits.

Plant some plants if you can!

Potted plants littering the floor and surfaces inside of your rooms is a good idea, as they clean up the air and just make the place look a lot nicer when it’s wall to wall white, black, and silver. Spicing up this minimalist element can make your workspace feel a lot more homely, and that helps you to feel better about your work due to a more natural environment.

However, once again you can apply this to the outside! If you have the space, and the time to do so, be sure to use plants to full effect in their natural environment. Breaking up a sea of industrialism with a little green is both environmentally conscious, and makes you seem a lot more open minded and give would be visitors a little jaunt in their step.

Considering we’re moving into winter now, we’re going to have pick some plants that are away from the usual type we consider, like dahlias or sunflowers. This makes a good hobby every season however, and gives you something else to focus on when work gets a little too stressful or hectic for your liking.

There’s plenty for you to do to spruce up your office building and make it look a little more professional and impressive to those you need to impress. Clients and investors will love your new look; it makes doing business a lot easier when you’re proud of everything you own!

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