Why photos are a central part of your content marketing

Content marketing is fast taking over as the best way to advertise your company online. Filling your website with good quality information that brings people to your site is the best way to increase traffic but the key to sustained success is making sure that they come back. That means their reading experience while they’re on your site is vitally important. The layout of your website has a huge effect on that, as does the content of the articles itself. But even if you’ve got a perfectly written, well laid out article, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically guaranteed to hold the attention of your reader. One of the most important things that people often overlook is good quality images. Businesses underestimate just how much impact images have on people when they’re reading your content and they don’t dedicate enough time and resources as they should to them. To help you improve the images on your content, here’s how they impact on your readers.


What’s the big deal?

You’re probably wondering why exactly images are so important. The reason is that people’s brains respond far better to images than they do to text, in fact, 90 percent of the information that the brain picks up is completely visual. This is because when a person sees an image, they can take that in and process it all at once, whereas text needs to be read linearly and requires our brain to do more work before it can understand what the text is saying. That’s why people always say a picture is worth a thousand words, we simply understand them a lot quicker. The roots of this are in childhood because we learn to see and recognize things before we start learning to speak or read.

What should you do?

The other main benefit of using images is that they grab people’s attention far more effectively. If you fill your site with professional images taken somewhere like The Vow Studio, people are going to be drawn to it right away. If they just see loads of heavy blocks of text, they aren’t likely to stop to read your site. Make sure that you always use professionally taken photographs and place them well.

The design and layout of the photos on your site is also vitally important. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that photos are good therefore as many photos as possible will make your site amazing. It won’t. It’ll make it look overcrowded and give the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing. Too many photos looks tacky, instead you want to pick the best ones and space them well. Always make sure that the photos aren’t taking over the rest of the site and that people can still navigate properly.

If you’re selling a product of any kind, you need to take extra care with the photos of it that you use. That’s the main thing that people will be basing their purchasing decision on and if you’ve got a grainy photograph that makes it look rubbish, you’ll put everybody off.

Photographs are a vital part of your content marketing and if you aren’t putting enough time into it, potential customers won’t be impressed.

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