Creative? Businessman? Why not enrich your resume?

How did you get into the working world? Did you abandon education right after college, and just grab any job for the time being? Maybe you went on to university and continued to further educate yourself on a more specific topic which you wanted to pursue a career in somewhere down the line? Maybe you wanted to go to University, but you just did not have the correct circumstances, and you have an unfulfilled dream of working in a certain field? Well, no matter which one of these applies to you, chances are you wouldn’t mind expanding your portfolio or CV a bit. You might ask yourself, “But I’m already done with education, how do I get more qualifications without going back to University or something?”. Well, there are shorter courses which are a lot more concise and “to the point” which can bag you some new qualifications within months or even weeks. Let’s go through just two, maybe one will catch your eye and will end up opening some new doors for you.


Green Belt Course

Want to add to your qualifications in just a single week? Are you not sure what you really want to go for but still want to improve yourself as a professional? Six Sigma green belt certification might be one you want. Focusing purely on enhancing productivity, efficiency, reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction, it is a certification which just about every employer will be glad to see on your resume. Globally recognised and respected, courses from the lean six sigma company are not to be overlooked by any determined entrepreneur.


Adobe Certified Associate

While computers have time and time again proved themselves as the future, humans are still the same at the core and we all still really like aesthetically pleasing things. Even in the age of the PC and Internet, our core values stay more or less the same, and as much as things are staying the same, everything is slowly getting digitised. This stays true for art as well, if you ever found yourself as more of a creative type, but maybe you just were not too great at drawing or painting, there is now a way of fulfilling yourself in that field. There are several companies which provide courses on the well-known Adobe Suite, which could possibly bag you a job in graphic design. There are courses for just about every program, but if you wish to stay on the artsy side of things, then there are three main programs which you should consider learning.

Adobe Photoshop, probably being the most known out of the three, is used for mostly dealing with bitmap images and pixel data. Specialising in painting, colouring, photo manipulation and retouching just to name a few areas, it is an extremely powerful tool with a plethora of different applications.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop’s cousin, while also dealing with the more artsy side of things, Illustrator almost exclusively works with Vectors. Vector images do not lose quality when resized and basically have an infinite resolution, making them perfect for branding, packaging, logo design and advertising.

InDesign, the last of the three, specialises in publishing and typography. If you want to publish a book, make some leaflets, flyers or anything else along those lines, InDesign is the go-to program. If anything heavily relies on text, it is probably going to be done at least partly in InDesign.

If you are certified in all three, starting out in the world of graphic design might no longer be so impossible.

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