Digital dominates everything, which is why going offline works

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? Look at your phone and scroll through the news, whether that be the actual news or your news feeds. What do you do when you first get into work? You log onto your computer and start going through the emails sent to you between leaving last night and getting in just now. When you call people, you probably use Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype. Everything you do involves going digital, which is why you naturally believe that your marketing needs to go the same way. It makes sense. But offline strategies are what can really make you stand out from the white noise that is 966 million other websites vying for attention online.

We’re not saying that you should unplug your business. No way. That would be business suicide. What we’re saying is you should use certain real-world techniques to boost your online presence, especially locally.

So, without further ado, here is some inspiration to get your real-world awareness push underway:

Your Most Important Asset…

Are your employees. Period. And they are also your most important asset when it comes to marketing. After all, what other parts of your business interact with your clients and customers. First things first, hire top talent, the kind that will impress people and grow your business, and that can be done by hiring a headhunting service like Next on this list is looking at how your staff interact with clients and customers and see what impression they give off. Well-presented, personable staff that are able to solve problems efficiently is the aim of the game here. Do that are your staff become even more valuable.

Time To Brand Some Merchandise…

You’re right. This is absolutely nothing new. Every single company from Pittsburgh to Timbuktu has a stash of branded merchandise that they hand out at shows and events and whatever else. The reason they do this is it works. However, it only works if your merchandise a) stands out, b) offers a purpose and c) gets in front of your target audience. Let’s say you’re at a trade show; by simply having the biggest (branded) bag, you’ll find your competitors’ products get put inside your bag, meaning your name gets shown off. Now let’s say you have a nutrition company; by latching onto certain trends, and branding filtered water bottles, not only will this get taken to the gym by the user, your name will be seen by everyone else in the gym. That’s got to be a win.

Sponsor A Local Team You Affiliate With…

Sponsoring the New York Giants. Impossible. Sponsoring Manchester United. Impossible. Sponsoring a local girls soccer team. Genius. Not only because you are getting your name out in the local sphere, or because you are genuinely doing good in the community, but because you’re associating yourself with relatable cause. Just read this article at too long ago, the idea of girls playing soccer was absurd, but equality is the hot topic of today. That is something that you can associate yourself with on so many different levels. Sponsoring a charity, partaking in fun runs, whatever it may be this poses one of the most incredible marketing opportunities there is, and on with real depth to it.

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