Public face: Maintaining a likeable company

Being a business in the modern world always comes with a wide-range of challenges. From finding enough customers to make your idea work, to fending off other companies looking to take from you, there are loads of different areas you have to consider. In the end, this level of stress will leave a lot of smaller companies missing out on one crucial area; likeability. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the area of business ethics, along with some of the tools you can use to help along the way.


  • Your Ethics

Business ethics is an incredibly broad and complex subject, and it will often take years for someone to study it to the level to work with it. In most cases, this sort of work will be aimed at giving a business the means to push ethical boundaries, instead of using it for the good of their employees, customers, and other partners. Below, you can find some of the areas you’ll need to be assessing within your company.

  • Internal

Employee Treatment: Most companies can’t go their whole life without taking on an employee or two. In fact, nowadays, it’s more common than ever for small businesses to start hiring early in their life. When you have people working for you, you have to make sure that you treat them correctly. According to Forbes, around 56.4% of Americans are unhappy with their work. So, from making their salary payments on time to helping them to enjoy a stress-free environment, you’ve got a lot to do.

Getting Some Help: Most people will need some help with this work at some point. When you find yourself struggling with employee issues, an HR consultancy is the very best place to get some help. Along with being able to answer questions and give you quality information, companies like this can come and assess your current workplace, ensuring that you’re providing a good place for people to work. It can hurt a company a lot if word gets out that they aren’t treating employees correctly.

  • Third-Party 

Conflict-Free: Sourcing goods responsibly has become a very hot-button topic over the last few years. Currently, loads of major players in the tech, cosmetics, and fashion industries are swapping over to conflict-free alternatives to the resources they use to use. This means that no bloodshed, crime, or corruption are associated with your goods, ensuring they are ethical. No one wants to own something which a child has been forced to make, so it makes sense to eliminate this risk. 

Fairtrade: Along with making sure that your sources are safe, you should also be working to pay everyone fairly along the way. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies think about this sort of action, nowadays, and this has left a lot of poor places struggling a lot more than they have to be. Even if you have to raise the price of a product, it pays to make sure that no one has been taken advantage of during the process. This gives you something you can use as a great marketing tool.

  • Customer-Facing

Understanding Customers: To know what your customers want and how they’d like to be treated, you first have to learn a thing or two about them. Your demographic should be nice and easy to understand, as there are loads of different resources out there to help you. From there, though, you’ll need to begin to tailor the way you’re customers are treated to who they are.For example, moms will prefer to have a very interactive experience, whereas a teenager will probably prefer to be left to themselves.

The Right Service: Of course, though, there are some standards which every customer will expect to receive when they spend money with you. To start, time is of the essence for most people, and this means that you have to be fast in processing orders and payments. Along with this, you should always be working hard to provide them with help when they need it, and space when they don’t. Most importantly, though, you have to make sure that you handle any issues as soon as they come. Customers don’t like to be left waiting, especially when they think you’ve done something wrong.

Working as a customer facing business is never an easy job. The largest companies in this field have entire teams dedicated to keeping things in order with the public, and professionals will study for many years. Of course, though, as an SME, you have to work extra hard when you’re trying to make people happy, as you don’t get this sort of benefit.

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