The reasons your small businesses isn’t productive

Getting stuff done, that is what business is all about. Although, there are many things that can stand in your, and your employee’s way of doing this in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Read on to find out what they are, and to learn how to eradicate them in the informative post below.


One of the most common reasons that small business lack productive is that their employees lack motivation. That is they lack the desire to get the end result in a timely manner. With that in mind, what can you do as a business owner to reinvigorate their sense of drive?

Well, the first thing you can do is to outline the reasons why it is important for each and every person to do their specific role. This can help folks realise where they fit into the big scheme of things and feel valued in the part that they do.

It’s also important to ensure that you are reaching a good balance between pressure and rest. Too much or too little of either can have a distorting effect on productivity. That means it’s pretty vital to encourage proper breaks, leaving at a decent time at the end of the day, and taking vacations, as well as just giving them the talk on targets and quotas speech.



Space is also something that is vital for productivity, but that is often overlooked. Cramped conditions mean that it takes longer to complete tasks as space has to be cleared each time this happens. It can also provide a cluttered and claustrophobic atmosphere, with little light. Not really prime conditions to get everyone working at their most productive!

To remedy this issue, you have several options. The first is to move premises to somewhere larger and more open plan, and while this is the short-term goal of many businesses, doing so straight away can be a cost that just isn’t viable right at this moment.

A second option that is cheaper is using a company like Canning Vale Storage Units to hold items that you can’t get rid of, but also don’t need immediate access too. These may include older customers records that you have to keep for insurance reasons but aren’t part of your day to day business. By clearing them out of the office, you can then reduce the number of filing cabinets and other areas of storage that you need. Something that can allow you to create a more spacious and light environment to work in.


Last, of all, it can really help to include your employees in the goal setting for the business. This is because the goals then become meaningful to them. Something that is likely to make everyone more productive.

A particularly good way of doing this is to include a shareholder policy along with employment benefits. Then your workers own the company in part, and if they can’t work hard for their own direct benefit, then truly nothing else it’s going to get them motivated!

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