Blogging as a business 101

Blogging has really taken off in recent years, with many who set up their blogs as a bit of fun now being able to earn real money from their sites. For some this is just a side income, an extra bit of pocket money. But others have been able to turn it into a full time source of income. If you’re been blogging for a while and are already established, you’re in a good position to drive things forward and start earning money. Here are some things to think about.


Set Up a Home Office

First things first, if you want your blog to become a business and you’re going to be spending a significant time working on it from home- you need a decent space to work from. Transform a spare bedroom in your home, give it a coat of paint and set up a sturdy desk. Upgrade your computer, make sure you have storage space and the right kind of lighting. That way you can stay comfortable and productive, and you can close the door to your home office each night to separate work from home. 

Focus on Branding

When it comes to any business, including a blogging business, branding is everything. It creates a story, conveys the message of what you’re about. It helps you to look professional, trustworthy and reliable. Have a site designed by a professional, or at the very least buy a nice ready made template online. Have a graphic designer design a logo which will help your brand to pop and your blog to stand out. Be sure that the way your blog looks on the screen portrays what you’re all about.

Appeal To Sponsors

Sponsors like working with bloggers because they know how influential they can be. But sponsored opportunities are limited, and the internet is saturated with blogs so you need yours to stand out. Again a professional looking design will help here, you will also need to be putting out good quality content. One thing sponsors will be looking at is your domain authority, this is a metric that shows how influential your blog is online. You can boost this by getting your link onto other good quality blogs. You could ask others in your blogging network if they want to link swap, or you could ask if people would allow you to guest post. They get good quality content, and you get a backlink to your own blog at the end.

Think of Ways To Monetize

Unfortunately when it comes to sponsored posts and ads (the way bloggers earn most of their money) you have to wait for companies to contact you. This means it’s unreliable as you never know how much work is going to come in week by week. However there are sponsored post websites you can sign up to and bid on things too, if you want to be more proactive. You could try affiliate marketing schemes and adsense too, these pay you a small amount of money each time someone clicks on your ads. If your site does well, it can all add up.

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