These signs could point to poor business management

Have you ever had a job with poor management? A job that you just despised turning up at, not because of what you had to do, but because the management was so shockingly inadequate? It seems that the vast majority of people have been there. So, can you be sure that your organization isn’t doing the same thing?

You may think that everything is going swimmingly, but the fact is, you could become blind to it when you’re at the top. Look out for these signs:

1. A High Staff Turnover

A high staff turnover is one of the first things you should look out for if you’re worried you may have poor management. If you constantly have staff coming and going, then not only are you managing them poorly, you’re wasting a ton of money. It costs so much money to keep on hiring and training new staff, as well as paying old staff members for untaken holidays and things. It’s in your best interests to keep staff in the long term, so assess your management and figure out what can be done.


2. Doing Everything Manually

If you’re still doing everything manually, then you need to stop. Just stop. Right now. There are all kinds of apps and systems designed for businesses like yours, so why aren’t you utilizing them? You should be using them to at least do the simple tasks you do each day, but you can also use them for more complex things. Some systems are even a one stop solution for your business needs, such as Vision 33 who are also SAP Business one partners. It’s a good idea to look out for different credentials to ensure that the solution you choose suits your business perfectly.

3. A Struggle To Retain Customers

Are you not only struggling to retain staff, but to retain customers too? Customers will be able to tell if your business is poorly run. Call it a spidey sense or something else; they get the vibe. Customer retention is another important aspect of managing your business.


4. Low Productivity Each Day

If things aren’t buzzing in the workplace like they should be, this is another sign things could be improved. You can’t expect your staff to work like trojans 24/7, but they should be getting the majority of their work done each day. Staff who are happy will go above and beyond for a business they feel this way about.

6. One Way Communication

If you’re always telling employees the way it is and not listening to them, then of course they’re going to feel disgruntled. Make sure you have an open dialogue with them; relate to them, try to build a good relationship, and let them know you have an open door policy.

7. Company Politics Gets In The Way

Nothing can kill a business from the inside out faster than company politics. Don’t let company politics get in the way of your business and nip things in the bud before they get serious.

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