3 Businesses that can benefit from using mobile apps

There’s no doubt that mobile technology is revolutionising the ways in which people consume online content and make commercial transactions online. The advent of the smartphone has ensured that there is nary a corner of the world in which a user cannot make a purchase, download a video, read a blog post or subscribe to an RSS feed. With this comes a universe of opportunities for exposure that many businesses would kill for… yet few seem willing to capitalise on. Though many entrepreneurs manage an online store and even the most ardently high street retailers offer some sort of online presence (even if it’s just through social media or content marketing), comparatively few business minds are quick to embrace mobile apps.


What kinds of business can benefit from using mobile apps?

Well, the glib answer is “all of them”, but the practice of supplementing your business activities with a mobile app is more intuitively suited to some businesses than others. A mobile app represents a great opportunity for exposure for any business since the Apple and Android app stores are visited by millions of people on a daily basis. When combined with an eye catching logo, this presence can lead to brand awareness and custom beyond the parameters of what even the most optimistic entrepreneurs think possible. Apps can be used to facilitate transactions, for sure, but they can also be used to build loyalty, strengthen branding and deliver offers and marketing campaigns to users with pinpoint accuracy. Here are just a few of the different businesses that can benefit from the creation of their own app.


Okay, so this one is a no-brainer but despite the clear advantages relatively few high street retailers are joining the app revolution. If you don’t get in on the ground floor, it’s only a matter of time before your competitors do. Even if you’d rather not use apps to facilitate buying or selling, customers can use them to reserve stock, engage with your brand via exclusive content such as blog and vlog posts available exclusively through the app and even avail themselves of special offers to which they are alerted via push notifications. This is proven to be far more effective than an email opt in.

The Service Industry

Whether you run a coffee shop, a contract catering firm or a high class restaurant, there are many ways in which you can grow your reach and foster brand loyalty through your app. An app can allow customers to make reservations and orders more quickly and efficiently than by ordering over the phone. They can pay for services by loading credit directly onto the app and earn rewards like free food and beverages by accumulating points or tokens which they can accumulate via the app. The Starbucks app is a masterclass in this.

Subscription Services

From Netflix to Lootcrate, it’s clear that subscription services are the way to go. Even Microsoft Office is now run as a subscription service. Whatever the nature of their subscription, customers can place orders or upgrade their subscription packages through an app. They can also be incentivised to encourage others to subscribe with offer codes for a month free or at a discounted rate both for the subscriber and a friend whom they introduce to your service.

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