4 Reasons to go all-digital in your marketing

In marketing, as with many things, the key to efficacy is location. When it comes to marketing, this once meant that businesses had to pay top dollar to be seen in the right places by the right people. They’d pay a small fortune for billboard space, newspaper ads, TV commercials and the like. Thus, it was the heavy hitters that dominated the advertising landscape. In today’s digitally driven marketplace, however, all businesses have access to the ultimate location… The screen on a smartphone. It’s a great leveller that has created a massive paradigm shift in the marketing industry, with enterprises of all shapes and sizes allocating more money and resources than ever to their marketing budget.

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While print is by no means dead, there are some compelling reasons to go all-digital in your marketing endeavors as we move towards 2018…

Digital content marketing brings your brand identity

Underestimate the efficacy of content marketing at your peril. Content marketing is a great way to create genuine interest in your brand for a minimum of expense. Content marketing means the use of blog posts, videos, landing pages, podcasts and other digital content to promote your business, establish your voice in a crowded marketplace and establish you both as an expert and a market leader. Consumers want to know that they’re dealing with businesses run by people with ethics, values and beliefs aside from a self-interested obsession with their bottom line. Blogging and vlogging help consumers to get to know the real you. They’ll invest in your enthusiasm, your passion, your expertise and your belief in your business. The sense of identity that is created is integral to standing out among your competitors. After all, who knows your business or your chosen field better than you?

Digital marketing is secure

From confidential document shredding to cyber security measures, SMEs do well to place their security in the hands of reliable experts. Entrusting your marketing to a digital marketing specialist is good for your security as they tend to use secure cloud based storage to keep your files and advertising materials under lock and key using technology that’s much harder to crack than any physical or cyber security measures you may have on-site.


Digital marketing is targeted

Before the advent of digital technology, advertising was like a shotgun; a vaguely directed blast at the general market. For every hit that it generated in terms of genuine interest or purchases, it went over far more heads. Digital marketing offers a far more targeted approach, allowing enterprises to direct their content at the precise age and demographic groups who would most benefit from their service or product. Pay Per Click advertising means that clients only pay for advertising content which is clicked upon, bringing us to…

Digital marketing is quantifiable

In the age of print advertising, enterprises had to wait months to gauge the efficacy of their marketing strategy. Now they can quantify engagement in terms of clicks, shares, comments and scroll depth in moments, allowing them to make changes depending on what works and what doesn’t. This allows them to stay agile and ensure that not a penny spent on marketing strategy is wasted.

When they know their metrics, entrepreneurs can turn even the simplest digital marketing strategy into a powerhouse.

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