Why customers love gifts, giveaways and merchandise

Every business owner knows that the customer journey is long and arduous. It is fraught with many obstacles to sale, and plenty of reasons why the customer might give up. It’s up to you and your marketing team to break down the barriers, remove the obstacles, and motivate the customer to reach the checkout.


We all love stuff. And we really love stuff that is free. It might not be very useful, or even very attractive, but we got it for free, so we’re happy. Giving stuff away is just one strategy a business hoping to boost a brand might use. But if you want more success with your merchandising campaign, you need to put a lot more thought into it.


Ultimately, your merchandise (or free stuff) is another media channel that can come from an event or even a simple mailer. This is a personal one though. The items that bear your logo or tagline might end up in a purse or handbag. They might be carried by hand, or displayed on an office desk. These things have longevity and could easily be seen by the owner and their cohort every day for months. That can be pretty powerful stuff!

What I Really Want From My Favourite Brand Is…

Now you need to consider exactly what your customer would value most. Chances are you’ve already looked at your customer persona. Your brand persona might play a part here too. If your customers love drinking so much coffee they can’t sit still, then a coffee mug and fidget spinner will probably go down pretty well in a freebie haul. Music fans might make the most of your branded headphones. And car lovers will enjoy a fresh scent. Get more ideas when you click here…


Competition For Contacts

Using your branded merchandise as prizes in competitions can provide you with a lot more leads for sales. How? Because many of the competition entrants will be willing to hear from you again. They’ll give you their contact details and be interested in hearing more about products and services relevant to them. Hire a copywriter to provide follow up emails and letters to see how they got on with their prize. Pick items that are relevant to what you’re trying to sell them. Connected or associated items can be a powerful incentive to buy.

Tis The Season And Other Reasons To Contact Customers

Giving away a small item in a seasonal newsletter encourages the recipient to read what you have to say. This can boost the effectiveness and ROI of that copy. Find a reason to send a customer something they might like to use. Encourage an action. Perhaps you want them to use their new pen to fill in a survey form for customer research? Or maybe you hope they will give you a call once they’ve charged their phone on their new branded power bank?

It’s difficult to say no to someone that has given you a gift. You almost feel obligated to do something nice for them too. Can you feel the power of branded goodies for your business?

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