The importance of looking after your employees

A good business needs good employees if it’s going to be a success. No matter how good your products are or how much you spend on marketing, if your employees are unhappy or unhealthy, sales will suffer. If they aren’t content at work, they have no reason to go out of their way to work hard and improve your sales. The key to a well functioning team that is constantly increasing profits is to make sure that you’re looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees.


Pay Them Enough

Money worries are one of the most common causes of stress and if people aren’t getting paid enough, they’ll be distracted by thinking about their finances. People that are underpaid are also lacking motivation because they don’t feel like they’re being rewarded for their hard work. Employee financial wellbeing should be top of your list of priorities and you should always increase wages in line with inflation. It’s also worth checking in with employees to make sure that they’re not struggling with their money. Most employees will feel a bit awkward about telling an employer that kind of thing but if you foster a culture of openness around the office they’ll speak to you about things like that.

Flexible Working Hours

The traditional 9 to 5 working day is fast becoming outdated because people lead busy lives with lots of responsibilities outside of work and it’s not always the most practical for everybody. If people are trying to fit their family life around rigid working hours and you aren’t flexible about it, you’re just going to make life difficult for them. They’ll end up being far more stressed than they need to be and it’ll lead to all sorts of other health problems. But if you allow them to work when they like as long as they do the right number of hours every week, it’ll take a lot of the pressure off them and you’ll see a big improvement in their work as well as their mood.

Health And Safety

Your employees aren’t going to be much use to you if they have to take time off because of an injury. Obviously, there’s nothing you can do if they hurt themselves outside of work but you can ensure that the office is safe. Make sure that all of your electrics are tested regularly and that you have a fire drill in place that everybody knows about. Keeping a tidy office is also important so you can move obstacles out of the way and avoid the risk of tripping. There are a lot of health and safety rules around the office and even though some of them might seem pointless, they’re there for a reason.

A bad boss will try to motivate employees and increase productivity by coming down hard on them and getting them to work longer hours but that just doesn’t work. If you really want to improve your employee’s performance is to make sure that you look after their health and wellbeing on a daily basis.

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