Taking your photography to the next level

Let’s be clear, running a business is often a lot of small nuggets and aspects that come together to create one collective empire. You may have your hand in all of the ways that your business can be impacted or improved upon, or you may feel that certain areas need improvement. One common flaw for businesses is their imagery, and often this can be down to a serious lack of photography skills. However, thankfully it is something that can be easily resolved and i wanted to share with you some of the ways that you can take your photography to the next level. Enabling your business images to pop and entice more customers to your business.

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Take a photography course to learn the basics

One of the first things you can do to improve your photography skills is to take some extra lessons and learn about the basic principles of photography and the things you can do to improve what you do other than pointing and shooting. Which is basically what most people do. A quick look online will be able to identify courses in photography nearby that you could enroll on to get started. Pointing and shooting is great and with the advancements of camera technology you are guaranteed to get some sort of decent image. But a course will highlight aspects like lighting and shutter speed, and can help you switch from the automatic setting to manual where the possibilities of capturing the perfect shot become endless.

Think about the type of photographs you want to take

As a business, I am sure you will have a certain image you want to portray, so you have to wonder whether your current pictures are really doing that. Take some time to think about how you want a picture to be presents. Often it isn’t just about the subject of the photograph, which in this case could be a product, but it could be more to do with the lifestyle it represents or the ease in which it could change things for your potential customer. This is when styling and staging your image could help to transform the main subject and enhance it. Thankfully, websites like Pinterest are full of photo inspiration to get you thinking.

Could it be better to shoot on location?

Much like styling and staging can help so can the location. Often a picture of a product uses a white screen, and this is good to show off the basic principles of the product. But perhaps it shouldn’t be the main image that is used to advertise the product itself. A location could be anything from a well-styled house to a field in the country. Whatever suits your business or ethos use all the tools around you to your advantage.

Think about the edit

Finally, the final thing to consider is the edit of the photographs. Could you make more of the colours used in the picture? Could the picture be lighter or do you think even a black and white effect could make it look more dramatic? Most laptops and computers come with basic editing software and this is  a great place to start. Just experiment by tweaking certain pictures and see the difference it could make.

I hope that these tips help you to take your photography to the next level.

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