Smart investments for your small business marketing budget

If you own a small company or startup, then your budget for marketing can be almost non-existence. Every single penny really does count when you’re trying to make an impact and have your company noticed. This can mean that you end up doing a lot of the marketing work yourself for no cost other than your time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are certain aspects of small business marketing that you really should see as an investment and treat accordingly.

Here are some of the things you should use the money your finance broking company helped you secure, to advertise your business and gain customers. They certainly won’t break the bank, but they should get you good results:

Hire a Marketing Manager

If your budget will stretch to it, or you’re able to secure a reasonable loan, it’s definitely worth hiring a marketing manager who is solely responsible for your advertising. The fact of the matter is, marketing, especially when you’re new to the game, is a full-time business and if you try to do it all yourself or you overburden your other staff with it, then it won’t get done right.

A good marketing manager will have ample time to update social media platforms, come up with compelling content and really specifically target your ads so that you do see the kind of results you require to stay in business. Even if you can only afford to hire them freelance, do it.

Pay an SEO Professional

Unless you know your stuff when it comes to SEO, and unless you have the time to learn how to implement it effectively, it’s important that you should pay an SEO expert to work on your website, in the early days at least. It’s the only way your website is going to find it’s true audience – the kind of people who are actually very interested in what you’re doing – and therefore it’s a really good investment.

Use Google AdWords


It has its detractors, but it also has a lot of small businesses who are very grateful for its existence and its ability to grab attention. Obviously, it shouldn’t and can’t really replace the kind of results you get from using good search engine optimisation practices to organically boost your position on Google, but when you’re starting out it can certainly help.

Pay for Promotion on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook allow you to pay a small sum to have your posts promoted and doing so when you’re a small business is often a good idea because it means that even more individuals will see what you have to say, and hopefully start following you. If you make your pots good enough, they might even go viral!



Blogging is still, despite what some people would have you think, a key feature of marketing your small business online. If you have a blog, you can build an audience, and you can convert that audience into customers more easily when they become fans of your work. If you can’t write as well as you perhaps should, then do not hesitate to pay a professional to handle your blog for you.

Here’s to much more traffic and many more conversions!

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