Green is the new black: Mixing the environment and PR

Stay out of the red and in the black is advice that lasts a lifetime. Businesses understand they need to make money, and to do so an organisation can’t be in debt. Recently, companies have been getting savvy and introducing green initiatives to cut costs. Aside from the first payment, the methods help both the environment and lower overheads and expenses. There is another side to going green and it’s called boosting PR. Customers love businesses that think about the planet and are willing to spend more and be loyal. It’s vital to use eco-friendly strategies to the firm’s benefit, but how?

These are four ways to mix the environment and positive public relations.

Monthly Newsletter

Customers and shareholders want to know what is going on, which is where a newsletter comes in handy. Only informing people about the trivial things is short-sighted when you have a readership. While you have their attention, it’s vital to promote features which will reflect on the business. All it takes is a column that details the current recycling efforts within the office. Or, how the light bulbs save energy. A monthly newsletter stops the info from seeming like industry propaganda.


The key is to show the public the firm is helping the planet without overplaying your hand. Otherwise, it looks as if you are only doing it to put a positive spin on the brand. The balance is a difficult one to perfect, which is why a partnership is incredibly important. Using a company with a wide base allows them to handle the brunt of the responsibility while you get a name check. For example, you could contact a stationery company about refilling ink cartridges. The deal should cut costs and let customers know they are dealing with a conscientious business.


Corporate Event

Another trick is to use an event to appeal to the local community. Consumers love functions because they are free and fun while being casual at the same time. Companies like them due to the fact they get positive feedback by plastering the brand on the stage. Marketing isn’t enough as businesses have to tick boxes and make sure they’re one-hundred percent green. For instance, you can’t leave a mess behind after the show is over as it isn’t helpful to the planet. To avoid this negative press, a local skip hire company can provide a place to throw away rubbish. Of course, make sure to recycle plastics and glass and keep them away from the general waste.


Paying customers to return non-biodegradable items highlights your commitment. Firstly, it shows that the company is serious about reducing the number of plastics and glass bottles in the world. Secondly, it provides consumers with added value should they go the extra mile. Helping Mother Earth is one thing, but paying them to do the same is bound to reflect well on the brand.

Remember that sustainability is about going all in and being consistent.

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