Corporate fundraising ideas all NGOs need to know

For most companies, fundraising events are a great idea for some extra marketing. Raising funds for a charity of their choice helps to shine a good light on the company and create a positive reputation. This then helps to get the business’s name out there so more people hear about it and all of its good deeds.

However, with NGOs, these fundraising events serve an extra purpose – they are actually in aid of the business itself and help to raise funds to ensure its survival. So, do you think the time has come to raise some extra cash for your NGO? Here are some great tips that will help you do just that.

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Plan A Public Event 

One of the best ways to raise as many funds for your NGO as possible is to plan a public fundraiser. You will find that members of the public will be very excited to get involved with the likes of bake sales and charity fun runs. However, before you commit to a specific event, you need to think carefully about it. For instance, each event will have its pros and cons. A fun run, for example, might be very difficult to plan because you might need to organise road closure with the council. Using a city planning software in the early stages of planning can help you figure out the best route before you go to the council with your plans. Of course, the smaller the event, the fewer issues you will encounter, but you won’t stand to raise as much cash as with a bigger event. So, as you can see, there is a lot to weigh up!


Reach Out To Profitable Businesses 

Some NGOs prefer to forgo a public fundraising event and, instead, simply reach out to the owners of profitable businesses in the hope of some donations. THis requires a lot of effort on your part, though, as you will need to prepare a pitch. Most NGO owners go into their pitch with a prepared presentation, which details the good work of the NGO and why it would be in the business’s best interest to donate some funds. It’s a good idea to try and build some loyal relationships with business owners this way so that you are guaranteed some long-term donors.

Get Your Whole Board Involved

All NGOs have a board of members and these are the people who make some of the biggest decisions within the organisation. For the most part, these people are experts in their field and have heaps of business experience. So, why not get them involved with your fundraising? They might have a few ideas of how you can raise some extra funds. In fact, they might be able to use some of their contacts in their network to find some new donors. Even if they don’t know anyone who could be a potential donor, they might have an idea of some businesses that could be targeted to pitch to.

Use these tips, and you should easily find some funds for your NGO!

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