The ways social media can bring a downfall

Social media and our use of it affects both the business and personal sides of our lives. It can boost our business leads, allows us to connect with friends and family extremely easily, and allows anyone to market what they offer to a huge audience. However, there’s also a negative side to this kind of social media use as well. We all know that using social media needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, and sure, knowing how to use it takes time and effort. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous ways a social media account can negatively affect your business chances.


People Can Be Very Honest

When it comes to leaving reviews, having someone comment directly on a social media business page means everyone who comes across you in the same way will see it. So, if you receive a bad review, it can put people off at a glance.

When you’re a small business, this is one of the worst things that can halt your expansion. Of course, sometimes this can be reflective of your business practices, and is a sign something needs to change (we always need constructive feedback after all). However, it can often be a vengeful customer simply looking to put a downer on your day, and of course cost you some valuable business at the same time.

Someone Inexperienced is in Charge

Social media managers are skilled personnel for a reason, so be sure to hire one if you’re looking to run a page. People need to be kept engaged through your social means, and thus someone always needs to be at the helm. You might even need one or two people!

Social Media Can Contribute to Debt

When you’re in business, you’re serious about your marketing techniques. One of the easiest and most approachable ways to get this done is to use social media, as there’s millions and millions of users already to advertise to. However, getting too deep into this hole means you’ll be paying for campaign after campaign with all the trimmings, which all adds up at the end of the day.

It’s at this point that you might have to enter into debt settlement negotiations, which makes the value of your business plummet immediately. Views turning into clicks turning into a sale is what needs to happen when you’re working online, and this numbers can be relatively low, meaning your budget is going in all the wrong places. However, this can also be turned on its head, as social media can draw more and more customers to you. It’s time to start promoting sales and special offer deals, and withdrawing some of the campaigns you know are doing nothing for you.

Social media can do a lot for you and your business, but always remember it’s a double edged sword. Not all publicity is good publicity, and giving more back to your customers is a surefire way to keep them.

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