Fast-fire marketing methods for the Facebook swipers

You can’t talk about modern business marketing without mentioning social media. This is where most new customers will discover what you do. In fact, not being on at least one platform can ruin your small business efforts altogether.

For the most part, advice on getting started here centres around Twitter. This is, after all, the ‘business’ social media. Rather than socialising, most people use this for self-promotion. Instagram, too, is branching into the business world of late. Many companies favour the fast nature of photo taking. As a result, options such as Facebook marketing often fall by the wayside.

But, basing your business on Facebook certainly has its plus points. This is still the most active social media by quite a way, with 1.8 billion active users. That’s a fair few, and a customer base that you should want to tap into. But, given that this is a platform primarily used for staying in touch with personal friends, it can be tricky to break through. On top of which, most users scroll through this while on their phones. As such, lengthy status updates may not be the way to go. Instead, it’s worth focusing on the following fast-fire marketing methods.


Who said only Instagram used photographs? These have their place on Facebook too. Bear in mind, though, that you need to work on standing out. When people are scrolling through, they only stop on things which catch the eye. That means you need to focus on bright colours and photos which catch interest. If your logo contains bright colours, post it from time to time to pique interest. When posting general photographs set up a colourful background for the task.



While written status updates were once a standard on Facebook, they’re now a thing of the past. For the most part, the platform relies on video. Scroll through your personal feed and take note of how many videos you see. This has the benefit of being fast and convenient for scrollers. On top of which, a successful video will get shares which you desperately need. So, work on producing video content which makes an impression. If you’ve never done this before, it may be worth turning to something like Spark Media Video Production who can do the hard work for you. Companies like these have experience in producing videos which give people pause. Or, you could go down the do it yourself video route with YouTube. Bear in mind, though, that getting this wrong could lead to lost followers.


While many Facebook users have automatic audio switched off, those who watch a lot of videos may leave it on. As such, it’s worth making the most of your audio, too. See if you can gain copyright on popular songs, or turn to the musicians among you to create something catchy. You have a millisecond of sound to catch attention, so use it as wisely as possible. Something instantly appealing and upbeat is sure to do the trick.

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