Hiring freelancers to grow your business? Remember these tips

You might have left your colleagues behind and decided to get your own project underway, but it’s unlikely that you’re going to have all the skills you need to get your fledgling business up, running, and making a profit. While you’re unlikely to have the budget to hire an employee if you’re starting out, you probably will have the money to hire a freelance worker. But how do you go about hiring one, and what else do you need to know? We take a look below.


Advertise For The Best

If you want the best freelancers, then you need to have a strong advertisement. If your advertisement offers little to your prospective worker (and demands a lot), then all you’re going to get is the bottom of the barrel collection of freelancers. Instead, you should sell your project to whoever read your advertisement. Offer a decent wage, explain in detail what they’ll be doing – and how it’ll help to develop their talents. It’s imperative that you get your advertisement just right: it will be the key to determining which workers apply for the role.

You’ll Need Samples

Even if you do have a perfectly executed advertisement, you’re still going to need some samples to help you decide which worker you’re going to select. But remember, there is an etiquette to this. For example, don’t have a writer complete a 500-word unpaid sample: anyone who values their work (i.e., the people you want working with you) will delete your request straight away. Ask to see their portfolio, and judge their work on its merit. Once you’ve established which worker’s work you like, have a chat with them about their approach to work, revisions, and so on. If it fits in line with your working process, then it could be a match made in heaven.

Stay on Top of Responsibilities

Even though they’re not an employee of your business, there are still rules that you’ll need to follow. To begin with, you’ll need to make sure they’re properly classified as an independent worker. But remember, your actions can undermine this classification. If you treat them like an employee or ask them to work in your office, then you’ll face trouble should your business be audited. You’ll also need to issue a 1099 tax form to any contractor that you hire. These are straightforward enough rules to follow, so make sure you do them!

Breaking it Off

There might come a time when the freelancer you hired has shown that they’re not as capable as you first thought. If this happens, then you don’t need just to suffer the consequences of a poor hire; you can break it off if you wish, just make sure that you’re not breaking any of your contract agreements. It’s better to pay more money to a new freelancer rather than settle for work you’re not happy with.

Ultimately, hiring freelancers is a trial and error business. After a few attempts, you’ll have your process down!


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