How to avoid common digital marketing disasters

There are many pros and cons to digital marketing. The main pro is that you have a massive reach and can interact with loads of consumers directly from your target market. One of the key cons is that nothing is truly safe in the digital world. Things can change quickly, leaving your business in the dirt.

Below, you will find two digital marketing disasters, and how you can stop them from happening:

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Business Website Is Down

Every second your website is down will damage your company. The longer it stays down, the worse it can be for business. Put it this way, let’s say you get 100 visitors to your site every hour, but your website has been down for two hours due to a technical glitch. That’s at least 200 people that wanted to visit your site, but couldn’t. As a result, they may have moved to a different site and brought their business elsewhere. You can easily lose customers, leads, and sales when your website is down.

How do you avoid this? Well, it all starts with a solid base for your website. It needs to operate on a reliable server – preferably a private one for added security and protection. There are plenty of IT companies that can come in and set everything up for you in your office. You’ll have a reliable website that doesn’t go offline, and with an IT company by your side, you also have people ready to fix issues when they arise. This prevents your website from being down for hours, costing you a lot of money.


Social Media Has Been Hacked

You could have a serious PR disaster on your hands if your social media accounts get hacked. Someone could figure out your password, log into your accounts, and post all kinds of bad content that damage your reputation. To make matters worse, they might change your password before you realize, meaning you can’t regain the accounts. So, they go about slandering your name for fun. As you can imagine, this leads to a massive loss of business and respect.

To avoid this, you need secure passwords for all your accounts. Don’t even try and think of memorable ones, choose passwords that are so vague and impossible for people to figure out. Then, ensure you have a different one for each account and continue to change it every so often. Write down the passwords somewhere, and never save them on your PC. This decreases the likelihood of people guessing your passwords, accessing your business social media, and causing absolute mayhem online.

Both of these are digital marketing disasters because you rely on your website and social media as the main pillars of your strategy. If things go wrong with either of them, then your marketing campaign suffers a serious setback. Hopefully, the advice we’ve provided should give you enough info to avoid both of these disasters. Naturally, there are other digital marketing disasters out there as well. However, we feel these two are the most serious, and also the most common.

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