Why you are the least important part of your marketing strategy

Bosses like to be in control. After all, it’s your company and your decisions are the difference between success and failure. Regarding the business’s marketing plan, you are the least essential person. That’s not a sly dig but a truthful statement. It’s not that you won’t take part in the creative process, or that you’ll delegate control. No, it’s down to the fact that there are vital cogs in the wheel and their roles are non-negotiable. The heart of business lies in the marketing strategy. With that in mind, below are the people who can make or break a campaign and why.

The Pitcher

Social media and offline advertising are essential, and they’ll be more on that later. However, even in a technological society, there is still room for a face-to-face meeting. Clients, for example, don’t want to read about a potential investment on the internet. They would rather get the info straight from the horse’s mouth and you should oblige. Of course, the person who makes the pitch is in charge and their sales skills could lead to more revenue and higher sales. Or, he or she could burn bridges and put the plan in jeopardy. Without a quality salesperson, it’s impossible to sell a product.


The Partner

It’s not uncommon to find two businesses working hand in hand. For one thing, it cuts costs as both companies can pool resources. Just as importantly, it helps the creative process as there is an influx of ideas. What partners don’t realise is that their choice of collaborator can impact the strategy. Imagine you have decided to tell customers that you have a quality product that arrives on time. If you don’t stick to your promises, the plan will fall flat on its face. Gas Oil Drums has a reputation for being punctual and only works with likewise organisations. You should match up with partners that have similar ideals.

The Social Media Conductor

The numbers for Twitter and Facebook are ridiculous. Alone, the Twittersphere gets 271 million active users per month, while Facebook has 1,371 million. Put them together and the number is a mind-boggling 1,642 million users every month. It is these figures which make social media a marketing must-have. However, engaging customers and followers is the key to a successful strategy. If the person in charge doesn’t know how to create a buzz or start a conversation online, the community will pass by the advertisements.

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The Customer

All marketing plans are pointless unless the target audience takes an interest. All of the above affects conversion rate, but don’t forget about the customer either. Some men and women are easy to impress and will spend money without a second invitation. Others are frugal and need tonnes of data before they part with a single penny. It’s not nice, but the best strategies are in the hands of the people who come across them, whether online or offline.

The boss is in charge, except when it comes to marketing. So, are you happy to put your ego to one side?

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