Why your small business can make a big impression at an exhibition

In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, most entrepreneurs set their stock by email shoots and social media campaigns but make no mistake, exhibitions and trade shows can enable your small business to make a big impression to an entire market who may not even be aware of your brand. As important as digital engagement is, one must not neglect the importance of real world interactions as these offer a great platform to engage with people and show them your passion, ingenuity and dedication first hand. Even the most comprehensive landing page can only communicate a fraction of your personality and events such as these are often a great way to draw people to your brand by force of your personality. It’s a whole lot harder to walk away from a passionate and intelligent person than it is to click a “Close” button. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, trade shows are showing steady growth of 2.7% in 2017 and 3% in 2018 so now is a great time to hitch your waggon to an exhibition. Of course, it won’t be enough to just show up, to truly reap the benefits of event marketing all of the following solutions can help to give you a leading edge…


Make the most of your stand

Your stand presents you with an opportunity to engage with people and project the right image for your business. If your stand is modest or lackluster, don’t be surprised if people assume the same of your business. Your stand should be well designed in collaboration with some exhibition stand contractors. These guys will help you to design a stand based on your priorities, your budget and the impression you want to make. You should offer branded materials such as mugs, pens, t shirts and baseball caps and pack tote bags with all kinds of branded goodies (and your business card, of course). Everyone loves a freebie after all. Use banners, posters and flyers to ensure that when people walk away you’ll stick in their minds.

Look for co branding opportunities

This is not just an opportunity for people to get to know you, it’s an opportunity for you to meet other equally passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs and possibly even work together collaboratively on a co-branded project. Co-branding offers you a great opportunity to introduce your brand to a whole new market who may not previously have been aware of you or your brand.

Work the crowd

Entrepreneurs tend to be good orators and you cannot underestimate the effectiveness of a passionate and heartfelt speech. If your chosen exhibition will offer you an opportunity to speak this can be a real boon but even if you don’t have this opportunity, there’s no reason why you can’t work up a small crowd and give a speech on your own terms. When people see entrepreneurs who are genuinely and fiercely committed to the ideals they build their brands upon and visibly care about more than their bottom line, it’s easy to engender their loyalty.

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