Modernising the way you run your business

With the world running on technology, it can be surprising when you look at how businesses are run and can see how old fashioned many of the practices are. Most will have easily moved on in regards to software and computers, but further than that, there are so many things that can be improved and modernised to help the running of your business.


When you look to save money or expand your business, rather than hiring a load of new employees, why not outsource? There are downsides to the gig economy, but hiring freelancers can be a great way to reduce costs while also ensuring that you receive high quality work. By only hiring experienced freelancers as and when you need it, you are only paying for those hours. Plus you don’t have to pay for staff bonuses, sick or holiday pay. It also means that smaller businesses can grow quicker.

Going Paperless

When we live with our lives on our phones, pay for multiple ways to watch TV, and barely know how to write a proper letter, why would we still be so bound to paper? First of all it’s so bad for the environment and you should always be trying to go green in your company, secondly it will keep down costs, and thirdly it can be so much more convenient. Use Text Better landline texting to communicate with your customers, email rather than paper memos in the office, and see if you can commission digital billboards wherever you can rather than printing the paper posters. Going paperless in the office can be great – it means that you can see when everyone has received the weekly newsletter, and everyone can access all the information they need out of work, and not have to tote a heavy bag of paperwork around with them.


The right apps for your business can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your company. Apps like Bamboo HR help you to manage your HR remotely. Staff can put in their holiday requests, file complaints and questions and see shift changes at any time. It’s a great way to keep a papertrail of issues and is also convenient for everyone. You can also use umbrella apps like Google Drive to keep everything on our phone, tablet and computer linked.


Starting with a simple server for your office computers – you can keep everyone and everything connected with ease. Then we move onto devices. If you own a store, or a chain of stores, you’ll find that traditional cashier tills are on their way out. And iPad replacements are taking their place. They are simple and work out cheaper. They can also be put in the store safe overnight if you want extra security. Tablets in the workplace are also a great idea – computers are always going to be the go to for most of the work, simply because of the memory space and screen size, but a Tablets, being portable are perfect for offices who leave the workplace often. Estate agents, engineers, project managers – and so many more progressions who have the office as their base but often work in the field and need all the notes compiled on their desktop.

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