Catering for your next business event

We all need a good business event from time to time, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure yours goes off without a hitch. However, once you’ve got your ideas in place, and you’ve hired everything you’re going to need to keep people interested in investing, it’s time to look at the details. Can your venue keep up with the amount of people you’ve invited? Is there enough food? Is the theme truly right? Take a second look before your night goes off to make sure there’s no hitches.


Know Who You’re Entertaining

Knowing your target audience is the number one way to keep people interested throughout the night, and not flagging in the last quarter. If you’re advertising to a certain type of people, i.e. investors, or other business owners in the same sector as you, you’re going to have a good theme to work off of. Make sure it’s a sociable night, but it still needs to end with your goal in mind. You’re all in business after all, and everyone understands that.

Similarly, make sure you know the general schedules of who you’re aiming to entertain. You can’t schedule your business do on the same night as another event with the same industry as you. Don’t expect anyone to be able to pick between the two seperate evenings, as you’ll lose out on a lot of potential business as a result.

Check the Toilets

The toilets need to be kept clean and tidy, so make sure you have staff on hand to check them out every hour or so. When the toilets aren’t clean, you can guarantee people are going to have a much lower opinion of you when they come back from the bathroom!

Your guests are human after all, and ‘powdering the nose’ is going to be a common occurrence over the hours. You’re also going to need to make sure you’ve got enough supplies to keep them stocked up throughout the event. Running out of toilet paper halfway through isn’t going to look right to anyone, least of all you as the host!

Be Prepared For Rubbish

There’s going to be a lot of waste when a large amount of people are crammed into the same space together! And if you’re catering food for them as well, you’re going to need to be vigilant enough to clear up when the time comes for presentations or speakers. No one wants to be stuck in a seat when there’s left over eggs stinking up a table.

If you’re already feeling yourself struggling at the prospect alone, look into commercial skip bin hire. This means the entire interior of your event can be kept sparkling from all the effort you put into it, and you’ve got a lot more capability to handle anything the night might throw at you.

Your next big event to advertise the best and brightest in your business is going to be great. Remember the details most of all.

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