The value of positive emotion generation in marketing

Humans are emotional beings whether we like it or not, and that means emotional reactions are something that can be harnessed and used in the realm of marketing. Obviously, for the most part, companies are looking to create mainly positive reactions to their marketing content, and this is something that you can read about in detail below.

Unless Mr Spock is your target demographic, positive emotion generation is a hugely important marketing tactic.


Create a positive reaction

Creating a positive reaction is perhaps the emotional generation technique that we are most used to in marketing. It all about encouraging the consumer to feel a certain way when they are exposed to your content, advertisements, or product. This is because as humans we tend to move towards positive emotions and feelings. That means by linking them to your product you encourage people to be more open to buying it.

For example, to do this, you may appeal to consumers aspirational desires. Something that means when they are interacting with your content or buying your product they get the positive feedback that they have achieved a certain level of status in their life.

Alternatively, you may focus your content solely on emotional creation, something that Cadbury have done exceeded well with their gorilla adverts. Just adding their logo at the end to connect the positive feeling to their brand.

Offer something of value

The next method for positive emotion generation in marketing is to offer the consumer something of value for their purchase. In the most simple form this all about offering a decent product at a decent price.

However, in more recent marketing campaigns this idea has been used to leverage positive regard before and after a product has been bought. Something that helps to further feed into the marketing cycle and increase potential sales and additional sales to already established customers.

Offering something of value before the sale is an act most often completed with informational content that is actually designed to help a particular consumer. The best results are garnered not from general info here, but from specialist advice geared towards very particular demographics.

The method works best after the original sale is to offer loyalty rewards. Something companies like HelloWorld can help you find out more about. Basically, it works to tie the customer into repeatedly buying from you because there is an additional incentive above and beyond the product itself to do so.  

Make people feel special

Lastly, a hugely effective way of creating positive emotions through marketing is to go out of your way to make customers feel special. One way to do this is to involve them in an elite group that surrounds your product.

This can be particle effective if you offer limited and restricted access to those that buy a certain amount of your product through methods such as meetups, private social media groups, and newsletters.

They such customers get to partake in the feeling that they are part of something special, and exclusive. Something that will further encourage them to keep buying your products and help your business succeed in the long run.

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